Highlights in the History of Weirdness

You know how Sports Center always has these “Highlights in the History of Sports?” Particularly in the NFL? It’s like that. Except with no sports, or not any official ones.

Below is a culmination of the most viewed, most liked, and in general, my favorite blog entries thus far.

Ten Things I’m Thinking Right Now
A breakdown of the inner workings of my mind. Also, stuff I do when Parker is at work.

The Man that Rocks the ‘Stache
Everybody loves a mustache. Celebrity guest star.

Human, Do Tricks for Us. We’re Bored.
A short entry about a day in the life of my pets.

The Problem Watching Mad Men Late into the Night
An unusual glimpse into a few hours spent writing a review for The Inquisitive Loon. I should really just go to bed when I’m tired, but I’m dedicated to the cause.

“You’ve Got Red on You”
I can’t do things like a normal person. Clearly.

Daylight Savings Time, You Son-of-a-Bitch (also, Dayquil)
Passing through time can be hard, yo.

Slow Gin What?
In the words of Genesis, “There must be some misunderstanding.”

Does it Sparkle?
Rumors of my high school reunion. See also: The Anti-Reunion Has Cool Gift Bags and Appropriate Reunion Photo.

Translating Sarcasm
I wish I spoke different languages, but just to be quirky.

No Trespassing
I’m a gal with plans up the wazoo.

Honorable Mention

If I Were Billy Joel, it Would be a Completely Different Song
My escapades in the kitchen.

They Can Be Told, but Only as Lessons
My response to a proclamation, aka I should never drive after midnight. It’s like a Gremlins’ rule.

Like the Grinch Hoards Toys in his Bag, Hearts will Grow Bigger, Smaller, Then Burst into Tears
“My emotions!” –Troy Barnes, Community


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