Who Am I?

“I keep saying the word ‘weird’ over and over again, but it’s the only way I can describe it.” –Chuck Klosterman

I am the host of this site. The Weird Button both describes my personality and the choices I make. Some people have lucrative careers, others have successful parenting stories. I have this button, and it does not get me more office supplies. It has NOTHING to do with that. Upon witnessing or being part of a stressful or hard or interesting situation, we have to make decisions.

I push the button of weirdness. Every time. It also occasionally contains the repercussions of awkwardness, the uncomfortable foot shuffling, and the conclusion that I may have made a mistake by being myself. Yet, those journeys, while often painful, can also be funny.

Hopefully, you too will push it. Although in this case, it will just take you to my posts.

Check out my contributions to The Inquisitive Loon along with the other writers and their reviews.

Please note the copyright. Copyrights include written work by me and any pictures entitled Copyright. Any pictures not entitled copyright are merely borrowed works and are sourced if source is available. Any words by others are quoted and clearly theirs. Feel free to quote me, but please don’t steal my work, and I won’t steal yours. Thanks.


3 thoughts on “Who Am I?”

  1. Hi! I nominated you for the Encouraging Thunder Award! Enjoy!

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