Hello my fellow Weirdies!

I haven’t been the most faithful blogger in the past, but I feel like guilt is one of the top 3 emotions bloggers experience most often in terms of their work. It is certainly one of mine, so I’m taking this opportunity to explain and also offer a mini-Q&A/AMA.

In the past, I’ve taken breaks with increased frequency. My posts became fewer and far between when I moved back to the Pacific Northwest since the South really harnessed much of my thoughts and homesickness (because writers can be bad at making new friends due to introversion and expectations and aging and PRIORITIES) so I had less fuel to fan the flames since some of it was for far away friends and family. Therefore I also had less motivation when I moved back to make it part of my routine–although I did/do try to update it now and then.

There are other reasons as well. Sometimes I wanted to write but felt intimidated by my past posts or started posts but didn’t have the gumption to finish. Lots of times, my health and/or day job took priority or other duties took precedence. I hate saying that because this blog has from its early stages been very important to me, and it’s like saying I don’t have time for someone who used to be one of my closest friends.

However, I have been working on a writing project that means quite a bit to me. It’s something that has been in the works for awhile now and will CONTINUE to be in the works for the near future. That might be frustrating to hear…I find it frustrating, because those of you who know me well know that I am not good at patience. Consequently, it’s something that has also taken a good deal of my time away from blogging, and I feel that it’s time to let y’all know that even though I’m not here posting everyday, I’m still thinking of you and want to put something out there into the universe in the future that you’d want to read.

My below Q&A from some fans should answer a few of the burning questions you may have at this juncture. If it doesn’t answer your questions, please send me a comment! If I get enough comments or one particular one comes up several times (and/or is inspiring and I want to share it!), I will dedicate a post to it.

What is the writing project??
TBA! I say that, because I’m not 100% sure if it’s going to turn into more than one or what form it’s going to take. I imagine it will be a starship in the shape of a unicorn, but that’s more of a picture…and that’s just me saying random words. Also, that would be really hard to steer! But I promise you…you will know more when I do.

When can we read it?
Hopefully soon. The more I work on it, the sooner that time will be, and the more I will know!

Is it a book about the blog? 
No, although it’s something to keep in mind.

Is it another blog? 
No, but it could turn into that.

Do you need money to get it going? 
Great question! I might when the time comes, and if I do, I will update the blog and let you know!

Do you like saying no? 
Mostly no, although it depends on the circumstances.

How impatient are you? 
Very. Enough so that this is going to be my last question answered for now. Thanks all!