For almost 2 years, I’ve been in therapy. The process is slow but fulfilling. Still, the last few months have increased in difficulty for me, and since I have been doing well (but not quite good enough) I finally agreed to my therapist’s suggestion to try antidepressants.

I was on them in high school, but my hormones were also going insane as were several other chronic components of my life. It’s been 14 years. Time to try again.

This past week they’ve been a godsend. My other godsend, besides the usual amazing suspects, has been music.

Yesterday, I decided that my car was celebrating Bob Dylan 2016. This year, I found I’m old enough to appreciate him. In the past, I wasn’t a Dylan fan. For a young spunky person, his music was too slow and warbly. I’d written him off as a product of my parents’ generation. That’s the great thing about aging. You change.

My husband decided on our recent coastal road trip that we’d be listening to the works of Bob Dylan for part of it since he’d been the first musician awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. I went along with it, because I am agreeable and my husband has always shared my taste for music. Perhaps I would learn something.

Rolling down the highway, staring at new hills and fields that pass while Dylan sings, and plays the harmonica, is soothing. Also, the movie Don’t Think Twice came out, and this song is my life right now. Sidenote: I’ve been fighting a nasty cold this weekend, so I’m a little number than usual, but I’m trying to lean hard into the discombobulation.

“Don’t Think Twice”~Bob Dylan*
This song is personified by the grey skies and rain hitting the window. It wraps you into a little car bubble and reminds you not to overthink a situation.
“Call Off Your Dogs”~Lake Street Dive
Upbeat and friendly, but persistent.

“Call off your dogs

Give someone a call
I know there’s something wrong with the limits
We got turned around, but we could spin it
Call off your dogs
What’s with the wall?
If we’re strong, we can win it
One word can begin it

Every Time it Rains“~Charlotte Martin

“Everyday Robots”~Damon Albarn

“In the Meantime”~Spacehog

“Get off This”~Cracker

“Eve of Destruction”~Barry McGuire

“Hold Me”and “Eyes of the World”~Fleetwood Mac

Gotta admit, Spotify finally figured out that I like 90’s, and today I learned that lots of fantastic music happened during the Reagan/Bush years. I shouldn’t actively hold out hope, but maybe beauty will reveal itself melodically.

*(I also really like the Bree Sharp version)