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Today, I told my friends and family who are prominent on Facebook that I am temporarily (unless I can’t get back in) de-activating my Facebook account. One of them said “Curious as to why?” I would have responded more sarcastically to her, but another one of our friends announced her deactivation days earlier, and I also wondered. Turns out, she had a great idea.

So for those who want to know, here’s to why.

  1. I’m sick of people’s stupid politics. I’m sick of hearing about politicians I hate, politicians I might support, and the back and forth bickering that sprouts wings and breathes fire all over my feed.
  2. My anger about little things (those that matter and those that don’t) has gotten out of control. One of my friends is pregnant and posted her pregnancy photography as their “first family photo.” It includes her husband, their two dogs (who are family, I have no dispute on that, but some will disagree). What was missing? HER HEAD. Several people mentioned this, and my friend responded with, “My head is not important. Everyone’s seen your head.” I went on a several minute rant to my husband about how without her head, her body would bleed out and her baby would die, so “no, I’m pretty sure her head is fucking important.” I have to move on to the next one, because I could spend a whole post on JUST THIS.
  3. I’m sick of memes. I’ve seen them–most of them are stupid.
  4. More and more often, people post content that reminds me of spam flyers I used to get on my car when I lived in a large, populated city in Texas. Everyday, some club employee would come by and put flyers on my car. The inside of my car looks like I’m 1/3 of the way ready for my journey to the dump. I know the club employee was just doing ALL cars, but if you saw it, you would in no way assume, “This lady is soooo ready to party.” Or maybe my messy car looks like someone who spends too MUCH time partying. But I assure you, that’s not the case. AND I STILL LOOKED AT THE STUPID FLYER EVERY TIME BEFORE I THREW IT IN THE TRASH.
  5. Events. I’m at a juncture in my life where I have a hard time going to gatherings that my friends throw due to my health and the pure volume of human bodies that are there (answer: too many). Every time a new event showed up for the past year, my body goes through the stages of RSVPing. Yes, then maybe, then no, all the while filled with guilt. Even when I got to the point where I’d just RSVP maybe or no, it was still hard. It would be easier to hear about it happening and make a note on my calendar at home instead of going through a massive sense of guilt and depression when I have to eventually send my regrets. I still want to know and intend on trying to keep up, but the process is grueling.
  6. Other people’s emotions. I have a family member who posts whenever he’s irritated with a neighbor, a friend who posts nothing but guns, a friend that checks in everywhere and reports to FB her customer service experiences. And most of them I’ve unfollowed, but these are people I know. When I see them in real life, these instances are fewer (or zero!) and less grating.
  7. I don’t care about your concerts, your babies, or your food.
  8. I’ve gotten personally invested in my posts. When people don’t like or comment, I feel like I did something wrong. That’s ridiculously stupid. Everyone is sick of the same shit as me and tries to do their own thing. Everyone talks, but no one listens. Either way, it doesn’t matter, and I shouldn’t care.
  9. Despite all my complaints, I spend entire evenings online. I read people’s statuses aloud. Then I wonder where my night went and feel like I wasted it. And I did.
  10. The last reason is also the reason that provoked me beyond #9. I have boxes of stuff that I haven’t unpacked from our move. I have crafts that haven’t gotten done for Christmas, presents that haven’t gotten wrapped, a dog who needs walking, a house that requires cleaning, and friends/family with whom I could actually spend time communicating. When is a better time than now?