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(via blog.zap2it.com)

(via blog.zap2it.com)

I’ve had a cold min-rager this week, which is now what I’m calling colds, because it sounds cooler. If this post is all over the place, you’ve been warned. It’s kind of Parker’s fault.

Gee Weird Button, why is it your husband’s fault? Did he give you the cold? Not exactly. But earlier this week before symptoms, he was complaining. See when we moved home after living in TX for 3 years, our friends had a rabbit situation going on, not in terms of lots of sex, but the group had started to grow, and now it’s waaaay too big for the average 30 or late 20 something year old to handle. So every other week, we have like 3 events to go to. And I’m not complaining about getting invited, because invites are cool. But there’s always something going on.

So Parker was like, “I just want a weekend where we don’t do anything,” and I said, “Yeah, but this weekend we’re going out of town!” And then we got sick. It’s not directly his fault, because we both announced feeling ill at the same time after work. I’d be lying though, if I said I wasn’t afraid we will never, ever go on this belated anniversary trip. Because now it’s what I’ll refer to as “deep” Fall, because I broke in my wool pants more than once this week and have been wearing multiple pairs of sweats simultaneously. I am also sick, but the weather took a turn from comfortably chilly to wet, rainy, and hardcore pants mode.



Even though I’m sad we didn’t get to go, I’m grateful I didn’t go on the trip ill.

There’s been a lot going on recently, so what I have been doing is trying to develop new hobbies and practice becoming better at the ones in my spare time I have while also getting my comedian love on via Netflix. I’ve rocked out to some good stuff this year: Garfunkel & Oates, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (this was a comedy that was just okay at points, I don’t want to talk it up too much), and lately Aziz Ansari’s Master of None has been my buddy while I lie on the couch with a pounding headache.

Aziz is a pretty cool guy. He’s funny, he co-wrote this book called Modern Romance that I cannot recommend highly enough, and his second episode of Master of None about family heritage hit home me. His friend and collaborator Harris Wittels passed away recently, but wrote a few episodes before he died. So that’s an additional perk of watching the show is becoming more acquainted with the humor that Harris was famous for.

The episode I am currently watching, Aziz is chilling in Tennessee. Which brought back a ton of flashbacks to when my husband and I lived in Texas.

I have a love/hate relationship with the South. I’m not from there, but I love their food, the people of Houston are very hospitable and sweet, and drivers move much faster than they do in the PNW. There are also a lot of things I hate about it, but we’ll stick to the good things right now. Aziz is currently drinking on a rooftop Nashville, and I got all reminiscent. Part of it is that cold weather worsens my chronic health condition, but more than that, seeing strangers/comedians you feel like you know drink in a humid climate reminds me of rooftop bars, bright, new flashy cities, and discovering parts of the country that I didn’t know existed.

That's what I look like in a new place, except not a fish and with a camera. (via dynamicoceans.tumblr.com)

That’s what I look like in a new place, except not a fish and with a camera. (via dynamicoceans.tumblr.com)

My husband worked very long hours between school and work while we were down there, so we never got the chance to road trip to New Orleans or Tennessee. And now I wish that we had. Although, I must admit, if we were going to travel, I’d want to go to NYC or LA.

Dreaming can be frustrating when you feel like you’re stuck inside a steel cage from which you’ll never escape. That steel cage is your ordinary, day-to-day life. My hope is to work hard on being the best bird I can be, in the hopes that someday I can fly off on a little trip now and then to return to a less gloomy, more enriched life. I like coming up with stories about situations I encountered and places I went and food I ate, so it would be nice to come up with some new material.

Same shit, different day via (iwdrm.tumblr.com)

Same shit, different day via (iwdrm.tumblr.com)

I know that there are a lot of you out there that are reading this, nodding, and thinking to yourselves, “Yeah, me too. I’m living on a shoe string budget. Can’t do a lot right now. Have some debt. Can’t go anywhere nice.” Maybe you can’t afford to take a vacation right now or are looking for a new place to live that costs a little less.

The best things that I’ve been able to do while we muddle through this crazy world is to talk about it with someone who can help quell some of my fears, keep making and working towards goals (you’re supposed to write them down), and art. Neil Gaiman once said, “Make good art,” and he’s right. Sometimes I get so stressed out, and when I look at a beautiful photograph or draw something I didn’t know could come out of me, there’s a piece of my soul that is set free. It’s such a fantastic feeling.

Tomorrow I’m going to buy a little something to create new work with. Someday, I might even get brave enough to post some of my work on here.

Until then, I will rest my immune system and live vicariously through Aziz. Never stop dreaming, readers. And don’t forget to create your world as you want others to see it.