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Hi Readers!

Saying that makes me feel like Mr. Rogers, which is funny because I have a sweater like his and also change my shoes when I get to work.

It’s Autumn, and that means that everyone everywhere is getting what my friend Audrey referred to as Sexy Viral Victim for Halloween on her selfie today. I told her we had the same costume, and we should trade in for something better. Then I stood in line to try and trade, but they weren’t taking returns on that costume. They told me all sales on that costume were final. I explained that it was bought for me by one of my friends who got it from her boyfriend (it’s a very popular costume this year). They said that it’s rare the costume is genuinely sought out and that most people just get stuck with it when someone leaves it at their house then they fall into it by accident. The lady at the returns counter did NOT look amused when she told me this either, probably because I was wearing the costume at the time.

Anyway, so I’ve got the state of mind on that is dumb me being dumber, because sickness. Which sounds a LOT like Troy McClure. If you don’t know who that is, watch this!


Evidence of Sick Brain Syndrome 

  1. Made pumpkin pie yesterday, and put in two cans of pumpkin instead of two cups. When confronted with this mistake, I wrote on directions “c=cups, not cans,” even though I didn’t make that mistake for anything else. How could I? Nothing else came in a can.
  2. Sister’s birthday is today. When husband asked if I wanted to sing with him, I said, “Sure! What are we singing?” and an awkward pause took place, at which point I said, “Oh…you wanted to sing ‘Happy Birthday,’ huh?” Answer: That is exactly what he wanted to sing. He wasn’t really taking requests. Although, the next time someone sings this to me, I’ll be like, “Thanks, that’s great. Now the song I requested was…”
  3. Looked around the area where I sit for the remote. Husband pointed out both remotes we own were sitting on the table in front of me.
  4. Probably countless of other things yet to be discovered or that people were too nice to point out to me.

On the BRIGHT side, I got 92 out of 99 on ” ’90’s Movie Quiz by Picture Frame.” I did fail to notice what my husband (who got a lower score, I’d like to add, but not by much) pointed out which is that a lot of the movies on the quiz didn’t take place in the 90’s.

*I don’t own the above clip. I found it on Youtube.