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Today is one of those rough days, where I want to do ever the increasing number of productive things but am overwhelmed by anxiety, depression, pain, and burn out.

I’ve done like 4+ productive things, which is an incredible feat for me. Right now, I’m taking a break from that by blogging and pre-ordering a book. It comes out around my birthday, which is perfect, because I’ll be using birthday money. It is a humorous account from one of my heroes about her health problems.

The book is called Furiously HappyThanks, Jenny Lawson for being my inspiration!

A month or so ago, an article called “Can Reading Books Make you Happier?” (spoiler alert: YES) introduced me to the term bibliotherapy which is defined as therapeutic relief through reading. So this purchase is towards my well being and happiness. Thanks in advance, hero!

Speaking of bibliotherapy, it’s time to go pick up my new book that just came in from the library and drop off the pile that I recently received!

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I plan on doing at least one more productive thing before the end of the day (besides resting). Onward!

Can you relate? Do you like books? Do you have a topic suggestion? Lay it on me! I’d love to hear from you. 🙂