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Google images, Independence Day (1996)

It’s been almost 10 years since Will Smith, Randy Quaid, and Jeff Goldblum saved us from aliens, but the world is still here, and we’re still celebrating. Oh. Someone just told me that there’s actually an older, historical reason we celebrate Independence Day that has nothing to do with a movie that also happens to star Adam Baldwin from Firefly and Burn Notice.

I am really excited about today. I enjoy the 4th of July. Hot weather doesn’t trouble me nearly as much as cold weather does. My body seems to do better in warmer weather, so I feel more in my element today than I have in quite awhile. The other reason I’m feeling good, is because I got the pleasure of celebrating a 3day weekend. In my personal opinion, I think every weekend should be a 3day weekend. It always puts people in a good mood, they tend to get more sleep, see more friends/family, do shopping (good for the economy), and for those of us with health issues, these are important for overbooking our calendars with activities we aren’t normally able to accomplish in the short span of a regular weekend since it requires loads of rest and relaxation from a long, painful week.

A friend of a friend posted an extremely negative article about living in America. I didn’t read it, because both my mood and the weather are fantastic, and I don’t enjoy it when people rain on my parade. Literally or figuratively. Also, I don’t really like parades, and I’m a lesser fan of ice since most companies insist their employees still go to work. So I guess what I’m saying is “do not Mr. Freeze on my pool party.” That sounds a lot more accurate.

On America’s great day of freedom, here is what I have to say: I’m a fan. No, this country is not perfect, and there’s plenty of terrible things that happen both here and other places. HOWEVER, I also think there is a lot of good in the world. Maybe I sound a little like Anne Frank, but think about how many people look up to her. She lived in a very sad situation, but she wrote beautifully with words that still are capable of bringing tears to our eyes. There are a lot of wonderful people in this world, and there are a lot of despondent, under-developed areas on this planet, both politically and economically.

Today, we remember all the people who fought bravery, both as soldiers and activists for our freedom in the United States of America. Interpretations of this may vary, but there you you go.

I will also celebrate traditionally by making for the first time ever my grandmother’s punch recipe that she implemented at every birthday and holiday party we went to at her house, and the delicious dessert I created in high school which consists of making a treat that requires minimal effort while maximizing tastebuds for a mouthgasm. Let freedom ring.

But before that, I will take Sheryl Crow’s advice and “soak up the sun.”

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Another Google image search, Independence Day (1996)