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My co-worker, Mo, and I are on our second round of doing this research and data compilation project. Today not only marked our second (and third) week of everyone in the office having some kind of mutant cold virus, but also the second week of doing this project.

Coincidence? I think not.

We also ran out of Emergen-C today, so my co-workers and I were barely hanging on by a thread. Fortunately, I got the last one. This is good, because yesterday, the nurse at my doctor’s office told me (while I was there for something routine) that I was running a 100 degree fever.

That being said, today was pretty interesting.

My co-workers and I have been comforting each other in order to save our sanity throughout this minor plague and this hair pulling project. Particularly Mo and I, who got stuck finishing an entire project after everyone left to do other work.

Even though our supervisors frown on chatter during these projects, they value employee retention. And there’s no retention without the occasional morale boost and stress reducing act of venting.

Me at the beginning of the work day

Me: I’m going to ask them to change my name in the database to Batman, because it’s faster for the auto-prompt than using my actual name.

Tracy: If you get to be Batman, I get to be Thor.

Me: YESSS! For productivity!

Tracy: For productivity.

Me: I hate this. I have to look up all these different routes which are NOT shorter. Help me choose between these two crappy options.

Mo: I just Googled this address which claims to be 13 miles, and it is actually 555 miles. Roughly an 8-hour trip.

Me: See, this is why the robots can’t win when the massive uprising eventually happens.


Me: Did you find something to replace the insane route?

Mo: Yeaaah, that was actually my fault. I guess I put in the wrong zip code.

Me: So it was taking you to a completely different state.

Mo: At least.

Me: Great, the robots ARE going to win.

Me (to Tracy): I admire you so much. I worked on the same project all day. It was fine in the morning, because I’m still running a fever so I was drugged up on cold medicine. So work was pretty fun, despite being sick. But the afternoon just made me feel generally ill and irritable. I actually have been mis-hearing you on the phone pronounce your name as Trixie.

Tracy: Yeah, it doesn’t really matter what my name is when I call.

So now I’m not sure if Tracy IS saying a different name or is just assuring me that my ears are fine. I took a mini-Ibuprofen induced nap on that last break after she said those words.

Time to watch tv and drift off to sleep.