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Because I’m geeky as hell, I belong to several different writing groups on Pinterest. At the end of September, I saw a post or two about NanoWrimo.

Now it’s really started.

National November Writing Month is something I discovered in college, and I was initially thrilled at the aspect of writing ALL month long. Then I remembered I was in college and was required to write for all my essays and projects and still go to class, etc. Halfway through the month, I was out. If I even made it that far.

However, this was the first time I’d ever seen people busting out tips and strategies far before the month even started. Apparently, this is a real thing. This is the stretching you do before the marathon. This is the studying you do before the SATs. These guys are professionals, and they are not fucking around.

I brought this up yesterday to Til, and one of our other writer friends joined in. Here’s a snippet of conversation:


Til is right. It still feels like cheating. Someone from our friend group does it every year. However, he also runs actual marathons. I run like the following:

It’s based on a sentence from The Fault in Our Stars that says, “I fell in love the way you fall asleep. Slowly and then all at once.” By the way, I’m reading another John Green book. It’s hard reading other books by an author whose best book you’ve already read, and I’m not saying the books are bad. I’m on my third book by him, and I’m just really hoping it’s better than the last one I read. Because that was disappointing.

I’m probably not going to participate in NanoWrimo. It’s less than a month away, but nothing’s in stone yet. I’ve still got time.