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Not bees.

I found these two beautiful, speckled balls (ha ha, yes it’s funny) outside today on the ground, but I wasn’t sure what kind of tree they came from. I showed them to Parker.

Courtesy of bugguide.net
Parker: I’m pretty sure those are wasp eggs.
Me: What!? Ewww. No, they’re so pretty! Can you look it up?

Yeeeeeeup, they are galls. So I had to chuck them away instead of creating a lovely fall arrangement like it suggests on the flyer by the mailboxes. WHAT A TRAP THAT WAS. My apartment complex is self-destructive and secretly wants a wasp problem. Waspception.

Parker: Ready for more wasps? Look, there’s this video where someone has a wasp nest incased in glass.
Me: AH! NO! No wasps. Wasps are bees that refuse to die. They’re bee zombies.
Parker: I’d be really afraid that in the middle of the night, the glass would break, and the apartment would be swarming with them. Like the story I told you about the couple who had to escape due to the massive wasp problem.
Me: And then we’d have to escape to the bath room and have the fire department rescue us.

According to this literature, it takes two years for them to develop. Not taking any chances though!

So if you’re like me and you find something pretty outside to make the Autumn arrangement in your home complete, make sure it isn’t a potential danger. I also once picked these beautiful branches I found in November as a bouquet and brought them home. Then I became incredibly sick, and my mom deduced that I was allergic to them.

Be careful with nature, my friends!