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I’m always trying to find cool photos for #TBT where web addicts post pictures of themselves from when they were younger (and as Mitch Hedberg points out, that is every picture of you) and are typically met with ambivalence. Every time I use Throwback Thursday’s acronym, I always think of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) which is part of my childhood in the 90’s, so same thing (just not reversed).

We cleaned our place last weekend for a tv marathon, and so when I was sitting in my clean living room this morning, I spotted a box under Parker’s desk. I pulled it open and started inspecting.

I realize it’s Wednesday now, but it might be Thursday by the time you read it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was going to community college. To get an accurate account of what going there was like, watch Community. It was like that, except without Pierce Hawthorne. I’d left my position at a nationwide pizza place the previous fall, telling them I wanted “to focus on school.” In reality, I had a new manager and assistant manager I didn’t like very much, and on top of that one of my clients had told me that it was okay to make mistakes “because you’re new.” When he said this I’d been working there for 4 months so hearing this was a light bulb realization that I didn’t like working here and had no desire to improve. On top of that, my work crush had quit to travel the USA with his girlfriend. I was melancholy about this, because I was pretty sure that he was my soul mate (in that casual, immature way you just decide someone’s your soul mate) and equally convinced that I was not his.

Now it was winter. My hair was different, my classes were new, and I once again found myself needing a source of income so I could buy gas, go out to eat with my friends, and collect a plethora of dvds.

I was wandering around the common area in the Student Center considering applying at different places but not feeling the necessary motivation to propel me out into the world to begin the task. Rotating merchants set up small booths in the large open area of the student building, and I walked over to see what they had to offer while procrastinating homework and other responsibilities.

Upon entering one booth, my eyes were immediately drawn to this picture (it’s only a partial up above). I decided that the woman was probably a prostitute, but she appeared to be enjoying herself. Of course, now I know that it was by Alphonse Mucha to advertise Job cigarettes, but I didn’t know that at the time. I bought the painting in spite of the fact that I NEEDED money, and I told myself it would be my inspiration to find a new place of work. I think it only took me a couple of weeks after to find something. I’ve used it as my muse for working ever since.