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Me: Well, that wasn’t the greatest meal I’ve ever made, but at least the boxed portion turned out okay. I love potgrat.

Parker: The what?

Me: Potatoes Au Gratin. You know, pot grat. Like how the cranberries in a can is cran-in-a-can? Should I make dessert?

Parker: Sure. What would you make?

Me: It’s up for debate. I’m sick of working on taxes though, so if I make dessert, then I can procrastinate working on doing them. Woah, I almost passed out a little.

Parker: Too much wine?

Me: Not exactly, but you’re supposed to drink water after acupuncture and massage. Instead, I was like, “Wine!”

Parker: Wine, water. It’s the same thing.

Me: Uh, actually it’s not. There’s a reason Jesus turned one into the other.

Parker: Yeah, because wine is clearly better! By the way, did you hear what happened in Washington?

Me: No, what happened?

Parker: There was a landslide. 8 people are dead and 100 are missing.

Me: Wow. Can we pretend it’s quicksand? That would be cooler.

Parker: Because quicksand?

Me: Exactly.

Parker: I can’t believe 100 people are missing.

Me: They are?

Parker: Yes…from the landslide I just told you about.

Me: Sorry, all I heard was 8 people are dead, and I started thinking about quicksand. Maybe I SHOULD drink more water…

Post-Entry Note: The news is terrible, and death is never easy. I was very dehydrated at the time of this post, so I apologize if I sounded to laissez-faire in the above mentioned post. I’m actually going to go read about it now…