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This is probably just envy talking, but there is a small part of me that is glad I am not rich.

Granted, it’s not a LARGE part, because I relish in daydreaming (and asking others) about having an endless supply of money. The possibilities just keep coming!

However, since there is only a limited supply one can have (or at least, most people) and it’s likely that the more you make correlates with the limited time to spend all this money–in which case, it would probably be better to be the recipient of someone who makes lots of dough–there is a part of me that is content with not having a lot of it. Only a small fraction, but it’s there.

Today is my day off where I run errands and get nitpicky voices of productivity out of my head temporarily. However, I accidentally fell into the black hole that is Etsy, Pinterest, online shopping, and bookstores.

I was originally going to post about how I did not participate in Black Friday madness and how I never do (the exception is one store, and I will admit that I might participate in it if I had kids), but there is a part of me that likes shopping. It’s more that I hate crowds and lines and love sleeping than a true, well-intentioned avoidance of Black Friday. I don’t like using the day after Thanksgiving as a shopping day. I did have to work it, but if I didn’t, you can bet that it would involve sleeping and a lot of television.

I do love the internet though, and since my family and my husband’s family are both extremely susceptible to hoarding, I have to watch the amount of nic nacs I am allowed to buy.

It IS cyberdeal Monday, and I didn’t even know that was a thing.

Things I have almost bought:

I’m going to stop there, but if you guys wanted to buy these for me, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings.