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Those of you that follow me on a regular basis may remember how messed up I was last year when I was sick and we lost an hour for Daylight Savings Time. Never ever take Dayquil and time travel, ladies and gentlemen.

I love Autumn, because as a belated birthday present and a reward for all those going back to school, we get an extra hour to sleep in or use whatever way we so choose. If we remember. I don’t know about you, but I needed that extra hour.

Parker is not into costumes or dressing up. I have repeatedly asked him about it, and his response is that he doesn’t like to half ass it. We were invited to a Halloween party back in September, and Parker wasn’t sure if he wanted to go. I was super excited, because for 3 years, I’ve sat at home without friends and done nothing for Halloween (except watch Shaun of the Dead, part of Scream, and whatever tv shows have great Halloween episodes). I was ready to throw on a costume and rock it as long as I could (which is not very long given my current schedule at work and medication).

Parker decided to be Sherlock Holmes, so we went about gathering some amazing costume props. Like I said in the last post, Halloween distracts me beyond belief and pulls me in every direction when it comes to dressing up,  but Parker remained unswayed in his determination to Holmes-it-up.

In the South, even though we lived in a large city, their thrift stores could not satiate my need for adequately priced consumer demand. My best friend and I grew up with single moms on shoe string budgets, so although we don’t spend 10 hours a day shopping (some people DO), we know how to scan, find what we like, and leave. Coming home was like being deprived of really good candy for 3 years and then arriving for Halloween.

Suffice to say, we found a coat, a scarf, and a pipe ALL AT THE THRIFT STORE ON THE SAME DAY! That would NEVER have happened in our old city. Just one more reason I love home so damn much. We did have to go elsewhere to get the hat, but it all came together with surprising ease.

Copyright The Weird Button

Copyright The Weird Button

My journey was a little more complicated, but I did end up in costume. My camera is in a coma right now, but as soon as I acquire a new cord I can properly go back to posting pictures as is my nature. Until then, I am like Stella in A Streetcar Named Desire, relying on the kindness of strangers to document my face and account for my whereabouts. My internal locus of control has been compromised. I cannot relax until homeostasis is achieved.

Everyone really impressed me with their costumes. My peers and I have come into an age where we’re all post-college (except for the masochists in grad school) and we don’t have kids yet, so the Halloween party blew me away. Even though I spent an extraordinary time thinking up costume ideas, those that put time into making theirs blew me away. The effort and creative energy was really inspiring last night. There also may have been a fake fight in the street between two costumed individuals. The mischievous Puck in me wanted them to actually fight, but that just happens when I drink. If there’s a backyard at a party and alcohol, I fully expect a more enthusiastic brawl in the backyard. However, the costumes did add to the anticipation and excitement.

Speaking of time travel! The guy at the liquor store decided I was Foxy Cleopatra. [Copyright The Weird Button]

Speaking of time travel! The guy at the liquor store decided I was Foxy Cleopatra. [Copyright The Weird Button]

Note: I have never had my hair touched so much as I did that night.

I woke up an hour earlier the next day and felt productive. Thank you Daylight Savings Time for making up for earlier this year when I was out of whack all day!