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“It’s four o’clock in the morning, dammit.”

It’s what I think every time I’m awake at 4am. It’s the price I pay for loving Elton John. I usually wake up at this time and want to write a blog post, but instead I opt to force myself to sleep. TODAY I did it. That’s my greeting card to congratulate myself. I am waiting until a reasonable hour to post this.

The world is a little bit crazy right now, or at least America is. At first, we were annoyed, then we were irate, and now, we’re sort of at the point where we’ve been mad for so long we need an angry nap.* The anger is dissipating into fear and exhaustion, but the good news is some people are proving that they deserve awards for being human (note: everyday people, mind you).

I’d like to point out there are bad asses like this dude stepping up. These are the kind of leaders we need. Even if the cops told him to stop. Come on, this man is mowing the lawn of the Lincoln Memorial, because higher ups are having a temper tantrum! If they’re going to speak to, fine, or arrest anyone, the cops need to turn to the government about their bad behavior. Some people are volunteering at the Red Cross and helping each other get through. Or taking over the National Parks. The Bloggess, Jenny Lawson said it best, so I’ll just leave this link right here about it.

This was the only picture that remotely worked.

That is not the conversation we had last night though. I’m not into zombies, and I don’t think much about the apocalypse. I do have conversations with my friends about the future as it relates to us.

So instead of talking about my feelings, I’m going to talk about Star Wars. It wasn’t part of the discussion, but it spurned this thought. I know, it’s a sore subject, almost as bad as talking about Congress (which is pretty bad), but just stay with me.**

When the prequels came out after Star Wars’ three original movies were re-released in theatres, we were all psyched. We thought, “This is it. Get ready for EPIC!”

Then we got The Phantom Menace, and everyone was disappointed. Maybe not right away, because I remember seeing it and wanting to love it. I didn’t, and when people asked, I remember saying that it was really good. I lied. I wanted to believe. I did NOT buy the movie or ask anyone to buy it for me.

If you look on IMDB.com, you’ll see that Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace got 6.5 stars (the original film got 8.7, for reference). The ratings on imdb.com can be a little bit faulty, as I’m sure anyone who didn’t see the show Firefly but saw the movie Serenity first will attest.

Yet, someone had to be Anakin Skywalker. I’m sure at the time Hayden Christensen thought that playing the man who becomes Darth Vader was the best career move possible. It probably was. When I type in Star Wars, episode II doesn’t even show up in the search.*** No one except a few of us saw Life is a House, and he also starred in The Virgin Suicides (something I didn’t even know until I looked it out). With the way he was going, he could have been an independent film actor. Instead, he went on to make a horrible excuse for a sci-fi movie, Jumper.

Attack of the Clones, the second film, was all about Natalie Portman finally being hot and kicking some ass. Girl power is something all of us ladies require in our Star Wars movies, but it’s all anybody actually got out of the movie. Besides yelling at the screen when Padmé finally marries Anakin. It got a 6.7, a slight increase in ratings.

Episode III does show up though (7.7). By the time the third movie came around, we were all so sick of the charade, that we were ready for Darth Vader to FINALLY be evil. Maybe that was Lucas’s intent all along? I suspect not, but see, there’s that silver lining again.

I think I can speak for all of us when I say I was thrilled by the time Anakin actually turns to the dark side. You know it’s his destiny, and although you should be on the side of good, you’ve sat through the first two movies, so you’re ready for this. Then he kills a bunch of kids, and you feel really conflicted, but you have to finish this movie, and damn, this shit got dark FAST.

What I am attempting to say, is the dark side looms in all of us. My suggestion is that we make a better movie, so no one actively wants the dark side to win. It’s overly optimistic, but that’s my hope. My other hope is that if everyone turns into a zombie, I react like Jeff.

In reality, I’d probably react like Chang. But that’s what DREAMS ARE FOR!

*Maybe that’s just me, but I think not. Some people are still 5 laps away from an angry nap.

**Yes, I said Congress is worse than the prequels. I’m sure if the public was polled, they would agree with me.

***It’s 4am, so I had to re-test this theory in the REAL morning. Same results. It does show up when I search for it specifically. though.

Note: These are my observations on the film. I don’t claim that Star Wars is mine. I’m just talking about it. Cool? Cool.