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Two posts in one day. Revel in it, readers!!

On October 1st, one of my friends wrote, “First day of Halloween!” Causing me to wonder what the presents our true loves would bring would be.

My mom used to have this shirt, but she wore it so much that it got all worn and faded.

There are some years (or every year for certain adults out there and some really sad children) where it doesn’t “feel” like Christmas time. Christmas is the most prominent example, because I can’t think of any other holiday that gets the same kind of push that Christmas does.

Anyway, so you TRY to get in the spirit, but you either just can’t or it gets ruined like snow that’s been contaminated with dirt (or urine?). That’s how I’m feeling about Halloween. I’m trying to remember if I feel this way every year about Halloween, but certain unpleasant events I won’t mention (because it bums me the hell out) are ruining my Halloween spirit.

I’m going to name it The Jack Skellington problem.* Thankfully, I don’t have anyone singing “Monster Mash” over and over and ruining that for me. Because really, that song is fantastic, and I have it on a mixed cd that was previously playing on repeat in my car well into November one year, before I decided that I should really re-shelve it since it was almost time to play Christmas music.

The last paragraph made me realize (or remember, more accurately) that there aren’t any Thanksgiving songs that I know of. Even New Year’s has “What are You Doing New Year’s Eve?” which I, again, just played too much on a mixed cd. Apparently, overplaying certain songs is actually becoming more of a theme than this entry’s dedicated theme, so I’ll move on.

I’m trying to get in the mood, which so far has consisted of watching “Epidemiology” from Community both with and without commentary. It helped considerably, but now I’m back where I was pre-episode in terms of being a grumpy face, no-good, potential holiday spoilsport.

Unlike my less organized but better with follow through associates, I have a list of all of the possible costumes for the upcoming night of anticipation. In order to psyche myself up, I’m going to go back through my costumes throughout the ages.

I didn’t make this, but I wish I had.



This was my most worn Halloween ensemble. I was actually a witch two or three years, but not in a row. One year, my mom made my costume, and it had cute Halloween cut outs. A big hit.

One year I was a witch and I fell in gym class and split my chin open on the floor. I had to get about 5 stitches. My mom said I could go as Frankenstein’s monster, and I remember thinking that was not very funny. I still went out trick or treating.

Pirate Wench

This was my last-minute “I don’t have a costume” costume I put together for our Halloween dance in college. Was it sexy? Probably, but it was more impromptu than anything else. It involved this striped red shirt I had and a red skirt. This was after the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie but not before the second. I think I also smeared some liquid eye liner on each cheek in an “X.”


It was the year after I was a cat, probably the same year 101 Dalmations was re-released. Or maybe the year after one of the times I was a witch. My mom made it out of sweatpants so I could be warm at the same time, because she’s just awesome like that. It was definitely my warmest Halloween costume. My best friend, Lux, was a cat, and our teacher had a horrible day with me chasing her around the room. A good way to run off the Halloween candy.


Yes, one year I went as a black cat, but it was when I was in elementary school, so it was not skanky. Or at least, I really hope not.

June Cash

My mom’s ex-boyfriend gave me the pant suit his mom wore in the 70’s in the fall. It was completely made out of beige leather (or faux leather maybe), and when my mom got it in the mail, she was like, “Oh wow, what a trip! Are you actually going to wear this?” It was the Halloween after Walk the Line came out. Since I was broke, and I wanted to show appreciation for the fact that it had been sent, I figured this would make a good costume. The pants didn’t quite fit, so I think I wore weird bell bottom jeans. Yeah, that sounds right.


I wore all red, and I had the horns. No cape or pronged tongue or pointy tail. I was a lazy devil. I think that was the year I went to a REAL college Halloween party at my friend June’s house.

Amy Winehouse

This was a pretty memorable Halloween as I was more dressed up than I had been previous years. One of my co-workers went as The Most Interesting Man, and my friend Jen went as Dolly Parton. I feel confident saying we were probably the hottest chicks at the party, with the possible exception as someone who I think was a robot? I don’t know why that sticks out in my mind. It was the first or second time Jen and I had ever met, and she made us play King’s Cup.

Then the year Amy Winehouse died, everyone texted me asking if I was okay.


I went as a blue crayon, to be specific, because I had this striped sweatshirt and a wig. I really would have picked anything as long as it went with the blue wig.

Robin Sparkles

This was the year when work let us dress up. It proved to be a really odd day, as I was the only person during my shift that dressed up (one of my other co-workers did, but she worked opposite my shift), and a couple of guys hit on me because of the wig. Also, no one except Parker (and people states away) knew who I was, because none of my co-workers watched How I Met Your Mother. The best part came when I was walking home, my blonde curls bouncing. This guy who was trick or treating with a friend hollered, “Hey girl, you look fabulous!” Sometimes, all you need is for a gay guy to tell you that you look amazing, at it makes the whole day better!

Okay, that did put me in the spirit more so than not!

What about you, bloggers? What were your memorable costumes? What’s the best way to get in the Halloween spirit? Reddit had a great post about most awkward Halloween costume guesses.

*Although, I’m not so sure if that’s growing to hate your job or not being in the All Hallow’s Eve spirit. I feel that it’s the latter, so just ignore my initial uncertainty there.