Mel: I need milk, eggs, butter…these are all things on my bucket list. I need to go to the store.

Me: What did you call it?

Mel: My bucket list. You know, my to-do list.

Me: Yeaaah, that’s not what a bucket list is…

Mel: It’s not?

Me: No…I’m guessing you never saw that Morgan Freeman movie called The Bucket List. That’s okay, I don’t think anyone did. A bucket list is made up of things you want to do before you die.

Mel: Oh! Oh, man. I hope none of that stuff is on my bucket list then.

Me: Me too. Something someone would put on their bucket list: sky diving. Something you would not, hopefully, put: Milk. A to-do list is just that, a bucket list is a list of promises you make to yourself.

Mel: Sky diving is on my bucket list!!

Me: There you go. Just don’t do it at the grocery store.

Mel: I think I have seen that movie…

Me: You didn’t know what a bucket list was, and you saw the movie? (To our co-worker) Hey Davey, come here. I need to tell you something Mel just said.

This stuff used to happen ALL the time.