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In the span of a week, I watched most of James Franco’s Roast and This is the End. During This is The End, I realized Seth Rogen has the most stoner laugh ever. It is more stoneriffic than Beavis and Butthead’s laughs, but not nearly as fun. The fact that his laugh gives you a contact high is not a fault or necessarily a compliment. Rogen said people find his laugh annoying, but his laugh in and of itself is not annoying at least not to me. The annoying thing is when Seth Rogen made jokes then laughed at his own jokes. It’s bad form to laugh at your jokes in front of an audience.

It really made me think of my own laugh. It’s the worst laugh ever, and if it is, then people are definitely good more often than not at covering up their honesty. Mostly it’s bad, because it’s loud and sometimes comes out of pure silence when I’m finding a funny picture online. I laughed forever at the Kermit the Frog picture I posted on here sometime back, but every time I see the picture, I laugh at it all over again. I probably stopped looking at so it didn’t completely lose its comedic value.

I decided that I would switch laughs with Rogen, but there are problems with this.

  1. Seth Rogen would be stuck with my laugh. I don’t need that kind of weight on my shoulders.
  2. While it would initially be fun to have a man’s laugh, it would get tiresome. Also, I’d probably just morph it back into my style. That’s how I ended up with this special breed in the first place.
  3. He might expect some kind of compensation, and I’m not willing to do that.
  4. I could get cocky and expect compensation which is ridiculous, since I proposed the trade.
  5. Everyone would wonder why my chuckle was giving everyone a contact high, and “I switched laughs” wouldn’t be an excuse I foresee others buying into.

Either way, if Rogen’s down, I am. Let me know if you sense a trade in my future. It seems like it would be less dangerous than the deal the little mermaid made. Mainly because I don’t plan on going through Ursula as my agent.