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Over the past two weeks, I have accumulated 12 voice mails. I was going to check them this weekend, but that’s over now. Which means I have to use minutes or wait until next weekend. On the bright side, it’s probably just my mom leaving different variations of the word “yay” over and over again. We just had dinner with her last night, so I feel okay about not listening to them. This is my general feeling about voice mails–apathy. Someone’s just going to repeat themselves anyway, so why listen?

We have a temporary residence. It’s weird to call it as such, because people ask or mention where we’re living. We’re very grateful to be here, but it does not feel like home. Strangely, it’s where I USED to live, so I have all these memories of my old life in this place, but it’s odd how many things no longer exist or have changed since then.

We’ve been having a flea problem here (someone who wasn’t us didn’t treat his indoor/outdoor cat). Our pets have been treated. The other day, they bug bombed the house…twice. Yes, I got the call that it “didn’t take the first time.” There are still fleas here.

Today, I sprinkled diatomaceous earth everywhere. The first time I bought it was in Texas, and the lady said, “Now, be very conservative with it. A little goes a long way.” After not heeding her warning, I doused our backyard, and it looked like two idiots with no concept of secrecy got into a cocaine fight in the backyard. Not sure why they’d waste it like that, but it made my gaffe more enjoyable to think of druggies (in my imagination, these people were harmless and just needed an arena) attacking each other in the yard. The following times, it was a little better.

Still, no matter how careful I am or how much I clean up afterwards, it hangs around. It’s a powdery substance, and at it’s worst looks like chalk dust. I accidentally got some on the hardwood today. After some pre-lim cleaning, instead of looking like some kind of pool shark dropped the chalk that kept his hands dry, I’m pretending a burglar walked into our place JUST to eat powdered donuts. He cleaned up as best he could, but his best wasn’t quite good enough.

I just vacuumed, and the carpet looks remarkably better. I’m not going to try my hand at mopping, even though I’ve swept and done spot cleaning and ran a dry mop over it. These floors require a rather niche high-tech mop. The last thing I want to do is ruin the floors I tried to clean especially since I almost decimate the vacuum cleaner every time I use it, and all it requires is an on/off switch.