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Me: This is such a sketchy part of town.

Parker: I know. Okay, THOSE are the creepy bears I was talking about on the side of the building.

Me: Ohhhh I know those bears. They’ve been on that building since I’ve been alive.

Parker: They look like the Grateful Dead bears.

Me: I’m so used to them that I can’t disconnect them from my childhood enough to consider whether they’re creepy. Also, when you described them, I pictured them being much, much creepier. This side of town is so sketchy…

(Pause) Oh hey look, a bus! Poor bus, in a bad neighborhood. It wants to be on our team. On second thought, we’re broke from moving, so maybe the bus doesn’t want to be on our team. Maybe it likes what it has…although I have to say, picking up questionable passengers would not be my fav. What team do you think the bus is on?

Parker: I love that you’re really putting thought into this bus and whether it has or needs a team.