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Update on packing will be limited to a few photos.

Playlist entitled

I LOVE Spotify! Playlist entitled “Home.” I just realized about three songs I want on here, and about three I don’t want. Things even out, I guess.

Fuck you guys...I love this unicorn. I actually don't even know where it is right now, because it's been so insane over here.

Forget all you naaaysayers…I love this unicorn (do unicorns even SAY nay?). I don’t even know where it is right now, because it’s been so insane over here. I did find it long enough to take way too many pictures of it before wrapping it and tucking it gently into a box somewhere.

We went to a family reunion for one of the sides of Parker’s family. There was a TON of food, and although I usually don’t gorge myself at these events, it happened. Since everyone was wearing name tags and because I’d had enough coffee and sleep to feel awake AND since I knew we were moving, I tried to make conversation with many people I didn’t know (although there were a LOT of people, and some of them didn’t introduce themselves. You’d think they’d been doing this long enough to think, “Who is this new weirdo talking to me?” I guess not). When in doubt, always have name tags for parties. It’s just easier if you know people’s names. I didn’t feel shy thrusting my hand out and saying, “Hi, I’m The Weird Button! I’m Parker’s wife. I’m the granddaughter-in-law of said person you all probably know.” I also got to make Parker talk to people, and I enjoy that. We knew just enough people that I wasn’t uncomfortable, and the event didn’t run so long that I got crabby.

They also gave out door prizes. There were many categories. The couple married the longest? 65 years. I think they made it up to win. I asked Parker if they got married when they were ten. There were several categories. Even we won a prize!


I hope this doesn’t become our motto…


The prize is the “LOVE” sign, not the chair.

Parker’s cousin who is technically young enough to be our nephew was there (he’s ten). Everyone calls him Rock. Here’s how one of our conversations went:

Rock: How’d you get that?
Me: They gave us a prize in the category of being married “the least amount of years.”
Rock: The LEAST amount of years? That’s easy here. Everyone’s 103 and has been married at least 300 years.
Me: Sooo they’ve been married longer than they’ve been alive?
(Rock shrugged.)

The next time I saw Rock, he was carrying around his cards and a wad of cash. He’d been playing with some of the younger kids at a table in the back.

Me: Rock, what’s with the money? You didn’t win that playing Uno did you?
Rock: No. It’s for the silent auction.
Me: Good, because that’s a lot of money.

The next time I saw him, he had a giant jar of pasta and seemed quite gleeful about it.

Me: What is with the jar of pasta?
Parker: It’s homemade. It’s a big deal.
Me: Oh…oookay.
Rock: See?? (To his dad.) Can I put this in the car so I don’t break it?
Me: Excited about that spaghetti recipe you’ve been working on?
Rock: I’m not making anything.
Me: You’re not!? Who’s going to make delicious food?

Apparently, he just likes to bid. We on the other hand, bid on an awesome gift basket and intend to use it! For once, the shirt is in MY size, so that will be AWESOME. Also, there was some leftover food, so we ended up with a ton of bread.