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Yesterday, I resolved to go back to the goal where I packed at least one box a day. I don’t know how many times you’ve moved, readers, but let me tell you…packing gets old fast.

I asked my mom and looked online for some tips. Here are the best ones I found. Most are from Thequestionclub on livejournal. So thanks to people there, since everywhere else just provides tips and ignores the “fun” in my sentence. Something that’s really key.

  1. Drink.
    This was my mom’s idea, but how you do it matters. I recommend using this one with caution. You don’t have to drink alcohol either (although the experience is probably more fun if you do). If you do go with wine/beer/etc., make sure that you pace yourself, and don’t drink too much. You can make a drinking game out of it, but if you get sick, then you risk vomiting in boxes or being too sick to pack. Both of these are not great outcomes.

    Gandalf likes moving too. [dumpaday.com]

    Gandalf likes moving too. [dumpaday.com]

    One person suggested drinking after you finish each box. I brought out two drinks (one alcoholic, one regular), and switched off while I packed boxes. I made sure not to have more drinks than boxes I was packing.
  2. Make a kick ass play list. Listen to said list. Dance a little.
    I’m going to go Rob Gordon on you folks (High Fidelity). This is a crucial thing!! If you’re going to do this, listen to something that you don’t repeatedly have to change out, because it’ll interrupt your flow. Pick uplifting music with a good beat that you can work well with.Music you won’t have to change out: An extensive mp3 (yeah, I still own a few), Pandora, Iheartradio, iTunes, Spotify.I’ve never used Iheartradio, but some of my friends love it. I’m not a big fan of Pandora, but some people swear by it (it’s algorithm doesn’t understand my taste at ALL).Personally, I like Spotify, because you can search for music and create playlists (I am told you can do this with Iheartradio as well). If you listen to it on a Smart phone or Ipod, etc., sometimes it just creates playlists for you based on your one suggestion. However, with Spotify, you can create multiple playlists on your computer, and it will import your iTunes library as well.Warning: Do not get too caught up in creating playlists and get side-tracked where you don’t end up packing.
  3. Get a packing buddy! 
    It’s faster when you pack WITH someone…unless that person gets distracted easily (see video below). Also, if you have someone else in the house that you’re moving with, having them there is crucial to going through things.
  4. Remember: packing is a form of Tetris.
    An internet user wrote that you can also play the Tetris theme song, but I wouldn’t do this if you’re planning on going to bed after you pack. You’ll probably dream of that song.
  5. Obtain a crazy amount of bubble wrap or Styrofoam for breakables. 
    This is mostly common sense, but I’ve never had to use it until this move. It’s fun to work with, because it gives me peace of mind that my breakables are resting on a cloud of happiness. Remember that episode of FRIENDS where they wrap Joey’s head in bubble wrap? You do now!

  6. Miss_Poppet writes: “Turn it into a montage!”

  7. Label your boxes. 
    You can use all those different color Sharpies you have. Or, it gives you an excuse to buy some.
  8. Give yourself enough time to pack.
    You’re always going to get to the point where you conveniently forgot to pack part of a room or something. Plus, you have to save all the stuff you’re using to pack last. Don’t rush it unless you absolutely have to.

All right, those are my tips.