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100th post. I feel special!!

Tonight, I am officially home sick. Why do I say that? Well, having health issues means that even if you feel ill, others are always doubting you. One of my best friends once told me that her ex used to tell her that she was crazy, and eventually, she got to the point where she stopped thinking there was any shred of rationality left in her. It still makes me sad to think about it.

It also doesn't help that my brain starts acting like this...

It also doesn’t help that my brain starts acting like this…

People lose their faith in you. They begin to think of you as lazy, unreliable, etc., and eventually, it’s hard to not think that way about yourself. This post is off to a great start, right? Moving on!

“Officially” means that I went to the doctor today, because I’ve felt sick off and on for a month (but not consistently awful, which is the weird part). She told me that I had a sinus infection, and I was flummoxed, because I didn’t feel as terrible throughout as I normally do.

Dr: How long have you had a fever?

Me: I had a fever? I only took my temperature once. It was low…I guess I don’t take it much here, because it gets so humid that I wake up and can’t tell if I’m sick or if the air conditioner is breaking. (And you guys know from one of my last entries that it has been doing just that. Parker had to fix it after work one night…and he was not pleased about that. I also kept mum about the fact that I have usually already taken over the counter pain meds and water right before I take my temperature.)

Dr: Well, you definitely have one. Your allergies are bad, huh? Plus the immune system issues will definitely give you a sinus infection. You’re moving? How’s that going?

Me: Kind of stressful.

Dr: Well, don’t overdue it. Your system gets stressed, and then you get sick.

I love how doctors always tell me this, and then I think, “Screw that, I’m just like everyone else!” Then I get sick all over again, because my body enjoys proving me wrong. It doesn’t mean I won’t keep trying to get past this.

Dr: Okay, here’s your prescription. (Hands it over.) Also, make sure you drink lots of liquids, especially hot ones…yes, drink hot liquids even in this heat. That clears the sinus passages.

Me: Maybe that’s why this has been off and on! I drink a lot of tea.

Dr: Yes, that will improve it. Have some tea with a little lemon, a dash of honey, and a teaspoon of whiskey.

Me: What?

Dr: Whiskey. Like a hot toddy, but just a teaspoon.

Me: Really? For a sinus infection?

Dr: Oh yes, it will help dry you out.

Me: I like you. Would you like to move with me?

Dr. (laughing): Sure! I love Oregon.

Me: All right then. You’re coming with us.


I actually wish I could take both of my doctors with me. My OBGYN can stay though…she does way more for others than she could for just me. My specialist is great though, and this new general practitioner is pretty swell too. My new doctor instructed me to drink liquor! Not just liquor, but whiskey. How many people can say that about their doctors?

Point is, I’m certifiably sick, although I didn’t stop by the liquor store on the way home…it still feels a little weird. Mainly though, I was cramping and my head hurt, so I just stopped for my prescription pick up. I told Parker to pick me up some alcohol, and he gave me a dirty look because he was on the way to work (thankfully, I didn’t miss work, because it’s my day off!).

None of my stories are linear…which makes them more interesting? Anyway, so I decided to watch a special while I rested with my five billion cups of tea, no lemon (Parker used it all), no honey (I hate honey), and no alcohol.

I’ve been watching American Masters: Johnny Carson: King of Late Night (the link is to the review I did for The IL, please check it out, and this will make more sense). I figured it would be more interesting than Prohibition (which would just make me wish I’d gone to the liquor store) or whatever else I added. The matriarchy of my family really loved Johnny Carson, and I never got to watch him on air.

Also, he’s hot when he was younger…then he just becomes a cute, funny older man.

The show was going well until I got to the part where Johnny Carson has comedians come on his show, and then they all talk in the special in real time about how it changed their life overnight.

I lost it. I totally started bawling, a concern to the cat and dog who were sure that this wouldn’t happen because it’s a special about Johnny Carson. I didn’t know either, although the first time I shed a few tears early on while watching, I thought, “Oh shit, I am completely screwed if I’m crying during a Johnny Carson special! Only scary movies from now on!” But I was committed.

Then I started thinking about that moment…the Johnny Carson moment where your life becomes instantly, unbelievably better overnight. When I say that as a phrase, I’m referring to that as something that happened to other comedians who went on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and possibly the moment Carson himself got his own show. I’m still watching it now, and when I finish this post, I’m going to go back to it.

Even though I’ve had plenty of really happy times, days that were better, etc., I can’t think of one day that changed all that. I could use Parker as my example, but we fell in love incrementally, and other aspects of my life got worse even if Parker and I got better. When we got married, we were faced with moving away from our families, etc.

I am hoping that this Johnny Carson moment still happens for me…and that it happens for all of you too. What a great special. What a great moment. What a fantastically entertaining and endearing man.

What about you guys? Do you have a stark contrast between two days where your life changed in a beautiful, magical way that you will always remember? Do you have a Johnny Carson moment?

Update: Okay, totally sobbed like a small child. I should not have watched this when I was sick and on my period, but other than my complete insanity of not being unable to cope with tv, I completely recommend this. It was fantastic!