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mandgoMy friend sent this to me today and said, “Hypothetical question of the day: would you love your husband more if he were half pooch? A poochataur? No, a poochuman? … A humooch?!”

First of all, would I have married him in the first place if he were part dog? Not likely. If so, I would probably love him more, because I have a feeling this is a rare breed, and I’d feel special.

However, I married someone who, unless this is his way of telling me, is human. One of the chief reasons I like dogs is because they are not human. I think it is their greatest strength, and their personality is pure dog. They live waiting for us to come home. They would do almost anything for a pat on the head and a treat.

They would never, ever treat us the way we treat them. I’m pretty sure if our roles were reversed, my dog would quit her job so we could hang out all day and play. I can’t wait to move so we can go romp together when I’m not working (at least, that’s the hope). Right now, it’s waaaaay too hot to go outside.

I think dating or becoming romantically involved with a dog would be similar to becoming involved with a minor. That’s wrong. However, even if it wasn’t wrong and for some reason I was hypothetically “into this,” I think I would feel emotionally bombarded. I don’t like people who are too disconnected, but I also don’t like someone to be by my side constantly. When my dog does it, I love it, because she is my fur kid, but if a human did it…I would get really creeped out and run away.

I would also not “love my husband more” if he were part cat, part bird, or part horse.

Found at The Dork Side on Facebook

Found at The Dork Side on Facebook