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  1. Going to the doctor
    Even when I have to get injections when I’m sick (once I got four in one sitting). Even when I get prescribed medications (once I got five when I had a double infection). This doesn’t mean I like going to the dentist or the OB-GYN. Those are more things I tolerate than things I like. I just enjoy it, because when I get a good doctor, I know he/she is going to make me feel better.
  2. Feng Shui
    I guess it’s not that weird in other countries, but it’s not main stream in America. This was Parker’s pick, and it was only because I made him think of something (and kept talking and told him I wouldn’t judge–but really, I know he thinks a lot of things I do are weird). I knew my old boss and I were going to get along when she told me she was feng shui-ing the office. We ended up with this awesome troll doll on top of one of the light switch panels. I took a picture of it and got really sad that I had no idea where MY troll dolls were or if I had any left. I was in my 20’s, in case you wondered.I don’t specifically plan every part of the apartment with feng shui in mind, but I don’t like buying furniture unless I look at my book or know exactly where it’s going to go. If things are going badly, I rearrange stuff in the house or clean. Sometimes the cleaning is to appease myself or Parker, but mostly it’s about me being cautious with feng shui. It’s also part of why I love the color purple.

    Okay, this isn't it, but organization and use of color is all part of it!

    Okay, this isn’t it, but organization and use of color is all part of it!

  3. Watching tv shows/movies with the commentary on
    I like commentary, but there are some shows where I love listening to it. I’ve actually even gotten a little picky about the commentary I like. Sometimes, I’ll fall asleep with it on, since it’s usually quieter than your average show. I prefer to watch
  4. Eating food my own way
    I always order it in a specific way, because I like it to have specific ingredients. I am the substituter from hell also. Not exactly like Sally from When Harry Met Sally, but enough that I wince if we go out to a restaurant. Part of it is food allergies/intolerances/sensitivities. Part of it is how picky I am.

    This is Jenna Marbles on "How Girls Watch TV." At least, I think that's what this is from, I saved it a long time ago. But it IS Jenna Marbles!

    This is Jenna Marbles on “How Girls Watch TV.” At least, I think that’s what this is from. I saved it a long time ago. But it IS Jenna Marbles!

  5. Wigs and Buying greeting cards in bulk
    Neither of these are really things I do anymore, but for awhile with a disposable income, I did both! I once bought a wig before I even had a costume in mind for it, just because I liked it. Parker once suggested borrowing one of my wigs for a Halloween costume, and I got really possessive and told him no. I used to buy large quantities of greeting cards, because I would find one I liked and I’d get several. Or for convenience’s sake. I’d like to go back to doing that, because it WAS really convenient. Now I have to rush around to buy a card, and I hate that.
This is the troll doll.

This is the troll doll. [Copyright The Weird Button]