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This almost never happens. We’re going to go back to watching it soon. I’m stoked. Below is one of the conversations we had. If you want to watch the first season, but haven’t…maybe you skip this one and come back to it later.

Episode One
Parker: Look, Jack is playing with a plane. Just like Kate.

Me: He’s explaining what he thinks happened. He’s using the leaf as a model.

Kate compliments Jack on his thoughts, and he says, “I took a couple of flying lessons.” 

Me: Oh, of course, “because I’m a surgeon, and I’m rich!”

Parker: He also MADE that leaf into a plane. Because he’s some kind of engineer on the side.

Me: “In addition to some flying lessons, I also took some plane building courses. I can build a plane and fly us OFF this island!”

There is a strange noise in the jungle. The survivors freak out.

Parker: I was so disappointed when I found out it wasn’t a dinosaur.

Me: I know, it’s when this show stopped being cool to you. That’s like your number one complaint. Tom told me he had some issues with the show when he started watching it. His first complaint was “there are too many tarps on the island.” I don’t even remember any of the others, because I laughed so hard at his first complaint. Too many tarps. You mean like, more than one?

Parker: There ARE too many tarps on the island. I can understand there being one.

Me: Yeah, but there’s also a smoke monster. If you can suspend your belief for a smoke monster, you can suspend it for some fucking tarps. Wait, why one?

Parker: You know, someone had it in their luggage. It’s not a likely scenario, but it’s in the realm of possibility.

Me: Because they were camping? Yeah, I guess I could see that. Oooh! What if one of the Others was a traveling tarp salesman? “Hey, guys! I was so dumb. Instead of packing clothes, I packed all these tarps.” He could make a FORTUNE on the survivors of Flight 815.

Parker: “This guy with all the tarps…I don’t trust him. I think he was already ON the island!”

Parker doesn’t realize he was doing a Sayid impression…but he was!

Me: ‘Cuz think about it. How many tarps could he sell to the Others? Like one per family, and he’s DONE. End of sale. But with the survivors, they have need for a ton of tarps.

Parker: It’s all about to change when they find out he’s not one of them.

Apparently, one of my friends is watching it for the first time with her husband now. Now we’ve started talking about it.

Parker: Yes, please talk about Lost deaths on social media when your friends haven’t watched all of it yet.

Me: It’s been 5 years.

Parker: Haha yeah, I know. Wow, Jack, way to save NO ONE! That 5 seconds of fear really ruled you there.