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  1. Make phone calls where phone battery inevitably dies on unsuspecting friend/family member on the other end.
    Legitimate calls, not pranks. I just feel uncomfortable talking on the phone when I’m around other people. I’m not even making unusual or suspicious phone calls, and it’s not even like I’m pretending to. I’ve just been conditioned to think it’s rude. When people are present, I always sound like I’m on a secret mission and forget everything I was going to say. Seriously, friends and family have freaked on me, because they think I’m in danger. I’m just an idiot. (I couldn’t even FIND pictures of me on the phone.)
  2. Book plane tickets.
    It’s always something I’m contemplating, but it never fails to occur late into the night or early in the morning. MWA HA HA SECRET TICKETS!
  3. Burn incense.
    For some reason, every room mate I’ve had, except Wifey, HATED incense (and our apartment was unofficially condemned, so naturally it was a hazard to light them). I’m beginning to think it’s MY incense, even though that’s crazy. Anyway, so I can only do it when I’m alone to avoid criticism (Parker has voiced that I can light it when he’s gone, but NOT when he’s at home). One time, I burned them in the bath room, but the window wasn’t open, and the smoke blew into the shower where I was transforming into Miss Clean creating a horrible incense hotbox effect. I had horrible allergies for two days.
  4. Attempt to cook a fancy dinner. Give up and watch Drunk Kitchen. Oooor just make anything with cheese.
    Not every time, but I certainly don’t try to do it when we have company coming over unless I want to prove how good our fire alarm is at detecting poorly made meals. I even feel weird cooking for Parker.
  5. Talk to the dog more than normal/sing to her/give her extra pets and treats. If Parker knew I was saying that, he’d probably be embarrassed, but whatever, she’s a GREAT listener, and she loves to dance.
    [Copyright The Weird Button]

    [Copyright The Weird Button]

  6. Gather all the books and all the dvds that I think I will need and prop them around me like I’m going to be shipwrecked thereby making a colossal FORT. Constantly interrupt myself to do things around the apartment and end up only watching parts of episodes and segments of tv.
  7. Watch fan-made music videos of tv shows I love. Geek out.
  8. Change the lighting in the house to reflect my mood and the appropriate hour.
  9. Do the dishes in an unorthodox way, often in the bath tub to cover more ground. Relax, I clean the tub first!
  10. Make tributes to my friends by clipping pictures and adding text. Or just sending them cutesy memes I find online where I hoard pictures. Or making/sending cards. The aforementioned 2/3 are sad habits, but it’s mine, and it’s not going anywhere! 
A co-worker requested I use this for one of her projects. She never did. Mine now![Copyright The Weird Button]

A co-worker requested I make this for one of her projects. She never used it. Mine![Copyright The Weird Button]