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Fourth of July is a weird holiday, because I enjoy living in the USA, but I think the moves to get us to the point of Independence Day are pretty whack. Watching The Lone Ranger and Tonto this morning was a little too much pondering for me. I’ve met way more people who were married/engaged on the Fourth of July than I have any other holiday. Now, if you got divorced on the Fourth of July, I think that would make more sense, but only if you threw a bunch of tea away first, and please don’t do that, because I’ll TOTALLY drink that. Unless that tea is nasty. Then, just give it to a friend or throw it in the garbage, but don’t pour it in a body of water, please. Also, you’d have to have someone run by you before you signed like, “your ex is coming!” and then dash off, preferably on horseback. Why a horse would be in your office, I’m not sure.

On the other hand, without today, Will Smith might not have had as good a reason to punch an alien in the face and yell “Welcome to Earth!” I tried watching that two Fourth of Julys ago, but I just couldn’t get into it. I think it’s something you just had to see in the ’90’s. Also, I always preferred Mars Attacks.

Moving on.

I found a bunch of blog challenges via Google (i.e. I didn’t come up with any of these). This doesn’t mean I’m going to do one every day, but it does mean I’m going to pick and choose and do my own version from these blog challenges. At the end, I will post my own version of this challenge. These will be my pictures for my post, since I’m still deciding.


Disclaimer: I’m not great at challenges. If that’s one of my questions, I will totally blog about all the challenges I’ve failed. I did finish one challenge, and that was the 30 day music challenge, where you post a song every day for 30 days. I think one day I forgot or accidentally skipped, so the next day, I posted two.


Anyway, it’ll be a way to mix up the blog, not confuse it, just do something different. There was a nail polish one, but considering I change my nail polish multiple times a day, I thought that one might be too difficult. Plus, if all the categories suck for one of the questions, or I already did it, I can just fill it in. You the readers can play along at home, or you can pick one (or all) and do them.

30dayblogchallenge2This also keeps you busy while you’re waiting for an Independence Day story.

30dayblogchallenge3If you guys have great Independence Day stories, I’d love to hear them. If you’re not from the USA, and you have a great…Canada Day story or something, that’d be swell too. I’m sure you have one.

30dayblogchallenge4I’m partial to the above posted blog, because it begins with the word “Weird.” You can start singing “Just the Way you Are” by Billy Joel anytime. Seriously, because “The William Tell Overture” is stuck in my head. GET IT OUT.

30dayblogchallenge5This one is purple, but it might be the same as one of the above blog challenges. Honestly, I haven’t gone through and checked them yet, so if they say anything offensive, please tell me immediately so I can yell at a search engine for not making me read. I hear they enjoy that!

30dayblogchallenge6This one is super tiny which poses problems. Also, it starts with one thing I DON’T like to discuss about myself–my middle name. Something I actually changed, because I disliked it so much. Sorry ‘rents.

Also, I hope that those of you that are celebrating the 4th are enjoying it. I hope that those of you that have it off are enjoying that. I wanted to thank all of those people who are out there who are working today. If it’s necessary for you to work, then seriously, thank you. If there’s really no reason for you to be there, then you might consider switching jobs.