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This is a little more personal and less funny than I want it to be. But I’m in the middle of this long, drawn out challenge that I’ll post at a later date. Since it’s taking up all my blog time/regular time, I’m going to go ahead and do this post instead.

It’s too hot to be funny anyway, you guys. At least right now. I’m also confused, because weather.com is showing it’s both simultaneously 100 degrees AND 94 degrees. Hoooow can it be both? Whatever…

Last night, I had one of those dreams. You know, the ones that are way too real, where you wake up, and they just walk around with you all day? Now, if I saw the person from the dream tomorrow or whenever the next time I see him is, it won’t bother me. If I ran into him today, which I’m 99.99999% sure I won’t, it might. Actually, I’d just be surprised that he was randomly in my city, since he totally doesn’t live here. I guess that would freak me out, especially since I said it now…

THIS is what I say to the dream following me around.

In real life, we’re cool. Dreams do that though. They drudge up feelings from your past that SUCK that you hide away or burn or run from, and I am totally blaming the movie Awakening that we watched last night for doing this (mainly, because I can’t think of anything better to blame).

If I have a song stuck in my head, I have to listen to a bunch of other songs before that song comes out. It usually works. I’m going to try it now, through a series of pictures to describe the men of my past.

runcon-001If I ran into the Sawyer of my past (on and off) it would bother me a little. You know this person! Everyone has this person…the on and off relationship/feeling switch. It wasn’t Sawyer, thankfully, but while I’m on the subject of men of my past AND Lost

…it’s not Jack, either. He was the dependable one except when he was fixing something. We’re cool, but I’ll take his advice. Just let the fear in…then get over it.

It’s not John Bender from The Breakfast Club, even though that scene could totally describe a year in my young life (also, I know there’s a better character here to put him as, but I cannot think of it due to heat exposure). He’s the one that pulled your hair and called you names, but he just wanted to make out with you. Which is weirder when I say it out loud. Til claims I write too many scenes where people make out in closets. Clearly, this movie gave me unrealistic expectations about closets. By the way, I totally had to look up his character’s name, because he’s always Judd Nelson to me (and the boss from Suddenly Susan).

But he wasn’t in my dream either. I rarely ever dream of Judd Nelson (I just can’t call him John Bender, you guys) OR Jack.

It wasn’t Tom from 500 Days of Summer. Because, I’m Summer, obviously. I could expand on this, but this is a whole other post that leaves me saying, “Holy shit,” every time I watch this film. Even my hair looks like this (well, the shitty version of hers). Although, I’ve had the same haircut since third grade, so it wasn’t a trend issue in my case. Also, I don’t have a personal hair dresser. Sorry, Zoey.

I have scoured my movie/tv shows on my entertainment center, and I can’t find any example that would ever work for this. The only thing that remotely comes close is this:

[Source: buffy-screencaps.com]

[Source: buffy-screencaps.com]

We’re not best friends anymore. But the only time I am EVER Willow is when I have these stupid freaking dreams. You know what though? This isn’t a dream. This is real life. I am no longer Willow.

And neither are you.