Dear Weird Button,

It’s me, you. I’d ask how you are, but I know how you are…you’re depressed. All your friends moved and went to different schools. You are lonely, sad, and people call you weirdo. You’re sick and you cry a lot.

I’ve been there. It sucks, but our mom is right. It gets better. In fact, you transfer to a new school. And everyone there LOVES you. I’m not even making this up. All right, not everyone loves you, some people think you’re just okay. No one hates you. Things get a LOT better. And there was a reason you went to that crappy school, but you won’t find out until over a decade later. But better than never, right?

You get kissed. I’m not going to tell you with whom, but he’ll be your boyfriend, and it’ll happen in the next 3 years. That day will be pretty important to you…and someday, you’ll learn the day’s historical significance. You’ll be kind of mortified, but you’ll never forget the day you were kissed! Like you would anyway.

You and Lux are still friends. You guys will lose touch and even stop being friends for awhile. But she’ll find you. Remember that when you get mad at her. She loves you.

Mom is still around. I know you worry about that, so I just want to let you know she’s still here for us. You are going to have the right family and friends to swim through the bad times, and you will have some.

That’s really all I can tell you. Spoilers! Keep this letter, because eventually, you’ll get that joke. It’s a tv joke, and that’s your only hint.

I know things are awful right now. But you know what? You survive. Someday you’re going to have a blog where you tell people that you’re taking back the word “weirdo.” Someday, you’re going to call yourself that proudly. That being a weirdo is one of your greatest strengths. It might even be why your husband marries you.

Yep, you get a husband. Now stop worrying about boys and friends and family and focus on your studies.


The Weird Button