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Parker: Hey, we could make out and watch Top Gun.

Me: Uh…yeah, I suppose we could.

Parker: All right, let’s watch or not watch Top Gun. 

Me: We just…we can’t start making out right away.

Parker: Er, why not? (Silence from me.) Why don’t you want to make out to the opening of Top Gun? 

Me: We can make out in the middle or towards the end. Just not at the start… and probably not during any of the songs either.

Parker: What the hell am I missing about why you can’t make out during Top Gun? Do you have a past with this movie?

Me: No! Not so much a “past” as a negative association.

Parker: Oh. Well, let’s look for something else. You should totally blog about this though.

In high school, I dated one too many guys who were into Top Gun. Enough that I refuse to fool around while watching it. It wasn’t a dark time in my life or anything, but it brings about some memories that definitely don’t stir any desire while the film plays.