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When I go to the Freshly Pressed section, people have these simple tags and these extravagant blogs with eloquent posts. I even searched for one of my tags at one point, and it didn’t register at all. One of the suggestions WordPress has to increase traffic to your blog is the tags you choose.

There is a desire for me to attract people to my blog, but I don’t want to compromise my tags. They are hilarious. Lately, they’ve been boring, but that’s because I want people to like me. And that’s wrong. My first and foremost interest and my mission statement is to be weird. I have decided to compromise and throw in some “popular” (vomits a little in my mouth) terms, but still add my quirky tags. Because, dammit, I’m quirky!

I decided to do an inventory of the weirdest tags I have. Here are the results.

Weirdest Tags:

Food Hoarding
Popular shirts & mugs
Awkward (this isn’t weird per se, I just use it ALL the time)
Dog Booger
Carpet Fort
Geronimo Cat
Trash Bag Fashion
I Mixed Up Kevin Spacey and Kevin Costner
Reject Book
Pee in a Cup
Psycho Shower Scene
Lassy Legs
What is Appropriateness?
I DID Start the Fire
Lessons in History
“At a BAR!”
Who am I Really?
Get it Together!

Someday, someone is going to come looking for JUST these tags. When they do, I’ll be here. Although, I kind of hope no one searches for “Pee in a Cup.” I don’t think I necessarily have what they need if they’re serious about urine occupying plastic/styrofoam/ceramic/glass holders.