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I’ve been known in the past to get really excited when it rained or stormed here. I grew up in a place where we often didn’t see the sun for weeks. Everyone still informs me every time the weather is even remotely nice back home. It could sprinkle forever before we saw sun.

Here it gets really humid. Then it rains (usually on my day/s off). Then the rain goes away. Then it’s cooler and sunnier again. This is okay with me.

Or was until Saturday.

“I love working when it’s overcast,” I declared. It was really slow, and feeling like I’m living in a blanket makes me kind of sleepy.

Then it started raining. I laughed, because people kind of freak out here when it rains.

A few clients came and went. Then it started pouring. We dressed up my co-worker, Chelsea in a black trash bag. I fashioned her a white plastic bag over her head. Chelsea is Russian, and she said she looked like a babushka (her words, although I agree). I’m impressed I spelled that correctly the first time (or so WordPress hasn’t corrected me!). I’m wearing Parker down to get me the picture to my computer so I can post it.

“You look like you belong in Derek Zoolander’s Derelicte campaign,” I told her. It’s 1:36 min. into the video.

” ‘It’s raining men!’ ” I started singing. After a verse, it felt weird to be singing solo since no one was jumping in to join me, so I stopped. There may have also been a dance.

My boss brought his daughter to work, and she’d spent most of the day sleeping. But they were about to leave, and she yelled, “IT’S THE APOCALYPSE!” Which was weird, because I’d JUST tweeted that. Then because we were all being responsive, she yelled something else like “THE CAR’S GONNA BE A BOAT!” only funnier. She’s 11 (12?) and can be lots of fun.

It started getting scarier outside, and then the lights flickered. When I went to leave early, I put on my new trash bag slicker. I saw the main street was a giant water way. I went out the back way, which initially looked fine until I sank into the water and saw the car in front of me. A friend’s parent who lived here for 20ish years had told me never to drive in water like this, so I slowly, carefully, turned back into the parking lot and parked back in my space.

I went back in to work and called Parker. Then I stayed until the girls were done, and we all left. We inspected the street. It had cars with flooded engines stopped. Then a tow truck came by but it had too many cars to pick up any more. Another tow truck. One of my co-workers asked if we wanted to get a drink. We said yes.

We didn’t get to have that drink though, because Parker picked me up when he got off work. He still had to stop a block away because of how bad the streets were.

We went back to get my car a few hours later. I didn’t feel too well from dinner, but I had to get my car, because Parker was waking up at 5 to go to work. It was still raining, but the flooding was down from what it had been before. My car started, but I couldn’t shift. After some troubleshooting, I was able to drive home.

Parker: How about Mr. Smith Goes to Washington?
Me: Sure.
[Parker knows that when I say “sure” sometimes I really mean “not so much.”]
Parker [indignantly]: How come you never want to watch it?
Me: I said “sure!” As in, “that would be fine.”
Parker: You just never seem very excited. It’s a good movie! There are very few good political movies with a positive message.
Me (now wanting to watch it less): No. I WANT to watch it.

About three or four times, I tried to get the dog to go out. She was willing…until she saw that the ground was super soaked. The cat in a wild attempt of desperation yelled, “MREOW!” and did a geronimo jump off the top of the stairs into the darkness. About 15 seconds later, she lept back inside with the same intonation. Apparently freedom is better if it doesn’t require a life preserver.

Parker asked if I still wanted to watch it, and I said yes.

Me: I’ve seen a parody of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and it was really good.
Parker: Ahhhhhh, you always see the parodies first!
Me: If it makes you feel better, it is my FAVORITE Family Guy episode.
[Parker is not a fan of Family Guy.]
Parker: But it’s not the same as watching this! This is a classic movie.
Me: If it reminds me of anything, it reminds me of It’s a Wonderful Life, because Jimmy Stewart, and the two actors that play Mr. Potter and Uncle Billy are in it.
Parker: It’s just a really good movie. Someday, I want our kids to watch it.
Me: Okay.
Parker: Before we go to Washington, D.C.
Me: Okay, but they have to watch It’s a Wonderful Life first.
Parker: Okay.
Me: I won’t tell you what parts remind me of it, and I won’t burst out laughing.
[I have a story about this, but I won’t tell it. This entry is already waaaay too long.]

The last time I tried to make the dog and the cat to go outside, we all stood in the hall. I coerced, promising the dog candy and all kinds of things (dog candy, you guys, not people candy) and said things like “it’s not so bad.” The last part was a lie, and she knew it. The cat hid in this carpet fort my landlords had left to avoid being coerced, which sounds awesome, except it’s this really old, nasty, dusty carpet and covered herself in old, ratty dust balls. The dog just stood on the cardboard by the door looking devastated. She is very small, and a puddle to me, is more like a small lake to her. I could tell she wanted to pee really badly, but she didn’t want to get wet. It was sad, because I knew she had to go really badly. I hurt for my pooch, and I was angry at the rain for being so intense. Neither Temperance nor Hera wanted to go outside OR come back inside. I ended up picking them both up and taking them inside.

Meanwhile, Parker was cooking until like midnight. I kept telling Parker we needed to go bed, but he was adamant that we had to finish Mr. Smith and how the food was “almost done.” I was crabby and exhausted and stressed. It did NOT make me appreciate Mr. Smith more, but don’t tell Parker.

When it ended, I was so tired, more than the politicians at the end of the movie and almost as crazy. I also felt ill and annoyed. Then Parker talked about how awesome Mr. Smith was. The ending was all right, I get the point, but I was pretty annoyed about the day. Parker talking up the film and dismissing how I see parodies first and how one can’t appreciate the context didn’t endear me to the film. It’s okay though. I am compiling a list of parody movies I really enjoy, and that will be a fun post.

Finally, Parker came to bed. I was already there. Then I went back into the living room to make sure everything was locked, because I’m weird like that. I walked in in the dark. The dog was sitting on the couch, her bed, where she sleeps. I walked over to her and stepped in what I thought was a weird dog booger.

“Ew,” I thought. “What is a weird dog booger doing on the floor?”

If you ever step in something in the dark and think, “Oh, weird dog booger,” remind yourself that you’re really tired, and you actually just want to avoid responsibility of what is REALLY on your foot and in the room.

As my hand touched the door to walk back towards the bedroom, I realized that since the dog did not have a cold or infection OR sneezed at all recently, “dog booger” was not a likely scenario. It was MORE likely poop. The smelling of my foot confirmed this. I washed my foot off in the tub, then went back into the living room. When I walked back into the living room, I saw that she had pooped right next to her blanket. Cue MORE devastation. Also cue my relief that she hadn’t pooped on the couch.

I cleaned it up and made sure the floor was a suitable place. Then I went to bed. My stomach got worse, and within twenty minutes, I was in the bath room. I continued to stay awake all night, going to the bath room every half an hour. I finally got a few hours of sleep. When I woke up, I thought, “Maybe work?” Then I ran into the bath room at which point I ceded. It was a good call, as I wouldn’t have made it to work with my bath room schedule, and they would’ve paid me to be in the bath room for about 4 hours straight.

Last night, Parker and I went to bed at 8:30, an awesome feat. Today, I went to work, and felt slightly better although I still harbored a fever. Now it’s the weekend. We are both drinking tea, and my lesson about the rain has been learned.