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Is Throwback Thursday the same as Flashback Friday? I wondered about that today, when people started posting old pictures of themselves. If that’s the case, how far am I supposed to throw…back? Really, it sounds more like a football term than some sort of post.

Never mind. I looked it up, and Flashback Friday IS different. I need to start doing a theme day. Here are the theme possibilities.

Margarita Mon, Tequila Tues (these are basically the SAME), Whiskey (or Whine Wine) Weds (LOVE), Thirsty Thursday (actually a thing)

Action-packed Mon, TV Tues, What I’m Watching Wed.

One-hit Wonder Weds (I like this one a lot), (New) Music Mon, Some Band Sat.

Frazzled Fridays–The Weekly Wrap-up, Temperance Tues, Thoughts on Thurs, Pay-it-Forward Fri, Fresh Shit Sun/Sat/Fri

I’m going to do Pay it Forward Friday today, because I actually have something to say about that. Not that you shouldn’t be a kind person every day. I do feel weird naming a post after a movie starring Kevin Costner. There’s something not right about that. (Oops, it’s Kevin Spacey. Never mind, he’s cool.)


Recently, one of our cars (*cough* Parker *cough, cough*) ran out of gas. Because someone inherited a Saturn, and apparently Saturns don’t lie when their marker says “EMPTY.”

A kind citizen that Parker found brought over his gas tank since he was mowing lawns around the corner. When I tried to pay him, he refused saying, “Just help me out the next time you see me, and I’m out of gas.”

But I never just CARRY gas with me, unless it’s in my car. How would I extract that?

Yesterday, I brought home some beer. Mostly for Parker. A guy at the bus stop asked me for change. I said that I didn’t have any. He seemed excited about my beer, so I just gave him one.

I know it’s not putting gas in someone’s car, but he was really happy he got a beer. Much happier (in my opinion) than if I just gave him money. When I left the house, I noticed he was not at the bus stop. Which meant he either exchanged the beer for a bus ride, got money, or just drank the beer and found the inner strength of alcohol to walk wherever he was going. Possibly to the liquor store which was the direction the bus was going.

There you have it, folks. I helped. Oh shit, y’all!!! April 25th is Pay it Forward Day. Well, I’m ahead of the curve.