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Today, I had to be a pseudo-parent, and it was weird. The reason I’m writing about it here, The Weird Button.

Basically, one of my co-workers was having a bad day which was made worse by my boss. You know the chain of screaming that they talk about in How I Met Your Mother? I witnessed that today, and it was NOT okay.

It was interesting to see how I can work with others when they’re under pressure. What I mean is, when they’re under pressure and I’m not. It’s weird to take control without appearing to take it. It’s hard to walk a line between being stern and being understanding.

I left work and went to see Parker who was still working. For some reason, having a bizarre parenting-like/in-charge experience made me really miss my husband. Also, before all the hoopla, we were discussing how we met our significant others (my female boss and I were while Annie watched and Chelsea…looked really sad 😦 ).

And I stood in front of him for five minutes while he did his job to assist me, just so I could look into his sweet face and remember at the end of a FULL MOON day, that there is good in the world. Then I went home, walked Temperance, and cuddled the boogies out of her.

I have a good life.