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Yesterday, we were winding down the day at work, and a client called to see when we close. I am really anal retentive about people showing up right before we close (and vice-versa, waiting at the door when I open it), and I’ve become so specific about when people can show up (because, remember kids, I hate surprises) that I’ve seemingly trained my clients to call if they’re not going to come by and call to check if they’re not sure about something. Not all of them. Some of my co-workers will still tell people they can just come by, but to me, if they show up out of the blue, then they have to wait sometimes. Then they get mad. You can’t have it both ways, and some things are out of your locus of control.

I may have doubts about my job (note: not career), but I like to run a tight ship. In return, I try to reward my clients for being courteous and they keep me on task from time to time if we get busy and my head isn’t in the game. So the universe doesn’t think I’m a walking contradiction, I extend the same respect to places I hold appointments.

Back to the client. He needed to run in and pick something up. I asked how far away he was, and even though it was going to be close to our closing time, I appreciated him calling. I said, “If you leave right now, you’ll make it. Go, go, go!”

My co-worker came up front and sat with me since she was all done and we were just waiting for the client and to close.

Co-worker: I’ve been told he’s really attractive. The client that’s coming by.
Me (blink): I guess he is.
Her: Is he not? Mindy said he was hot.
Me: I don’t remember. I don’t really look at him that much. Maybe to Mindy he is, but he’s not geeky or nerdy enough for me.

This made her laugh, because she knows it’s true. I’m pretty unresponsive to “attractive” clients anyway (as in, I’m married and working and I don’t care that much). They always have significant others, and if they don’t, I make it a mission to let my only single co-worker know if she’s there. She’s told me her type, and so I ask seemingly chit chat questions and then report to her my findings. I love research (on my own terms)!

Now when I say “geeky” or “nerdy,” I don’t want y’all to stereotype the kind of guy I like. I like a variety of guys, but there’s something undeniably stamped in their personality that could be coined as the above terms. They also have to be…interesting. There has to be some aspect of flair about their personality. This is no offense to my client. He’s a great guy, but he just doesn’t do it for me. That’s good, because I’m married. So even he was personally attractive to me, it would just be a bonus point to my day. Like when someone compliments you or you gives you a nice smile.

There is this idea society has now about a “geeky guy,” and it’s actually super hipster. No seriously, check out that link before you look at this guy below, and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Do I wear glasses to look cool? No, I wear them so I don’t drive/walk/or act like Mr. Magoo. Here’s my Google result search example:

Thanks by proxy, Flickr

This is not a geeky guy, to me. I mean, for one, he’s making duck lips at the camera. It’s possible he works for Apple or has some cushy web design job. To me, he looks like a model or just a smart man with glasses. Glasses don’t mean a girl who likes geeks/nerds is attracted to you. How many guys from The Big Bang Theory wear glasses? One out of four. Leonard. For those unfamiliar, let’s do the rundown of Nerd vs. Geek.

Thanks, GeekyTyrant.com for this informative guide!

Technically, this means I’m attracted to some combination of this. I have a whole list in the back of my mind from when I used to date, and it’s been in there for SO long that it can’t not be in there. Keep in mind that the below pictures are the “Hollywood” versions of what I like or have liked in the past. Not necessarily 100% accurate, but as close as I can get without showing you all the guys I’ve ever liked.





These are all pictures from my computer. No idea where I got them. I’m borrowing them for the purpose of this post. I actually did date someone who reminded me of Captain Hammer. And I married someone who is very similar to Marshall from How I Met Your Mother. As you can see, without context and in terms of stereotypes, you would never guess when I say “geeky” or “nerdy” that some of these examples would be in here. It’s kind of a given that David Tennant is on that list.

I used to say that I didn’t have a type, and then people would try really hard to pin down why I dated someone. Then I just looked like I’d date anyone, so I had to come up with some sort of theory.

What about you, bloggers? What’s your “type?”