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Me (to Caleb after I left things at his place): I only say this, because it’s true but…I really, really, really miss my hat and glasses. How can I sign up for a Peanuts look alike contest without them?

Me: Joke’s on you. I tricked iLike into asking you a bunch of Mariah Carey questions. And it’s not even my fault you know the answers, because my Mariah phase was VERY pre-us.
Caleb: Also, I never blamed the Mariah Carey on you; that was clearly pre-us, I was just disgusted all the same.

Caleb: I guess you musta talked everyone’s ear off about me or something. I swear to jeebus [you and my mom speak so highly of me] people are probably depressed when they actually meet me, because you guys talk me up so much. 😛