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They picked a date for the reunion! I am not on the planning committee…let the anti-committee begin! Okay, probably not, that would still be a lot of work and require I be home and incredibly spiteful. I did realize that I needed to update my picture. Currently, my picture is this:


Found this on Pinterest. I love whoever made it…

I know, haters, it’s a Whovian reference, but no one will get that. They’ll just think I’m bitter about high school or something. It’s funny if you get Doctor Who jokes. Moving on.

I have a few options…a super hot picture of me, an adorable picture of me with my husband, OR the ultimate reunion appropriate picture: my husband and I on our wedding day. As a married gal, these appear to be my only options. Honestly, I’m one of the few married women invited who doesn’t have a profile picture of me and my husband on our wedding day. This is totally a thing. (I’m not counting the guys, because they don’t do that. My best friend from high school had a drop box account with all stills from video games and ONE picture of Lavar Burton. I love his wife for sharing that!) Parker and I have been married for over a year, so I only change it to our wedding photo ON our anniversary.*

I saw an Oprah episode when I was in junior high about women who went through severe depression after their wedding ended. As a pre-teen, I watched lady after lady talk about how it was her “dream” or “dream come true,” and how after it happened, she was just really sad. Her dream was over and now her life was ending…and I decided at that moment that although I wanted to get married, I would never actively live in my wedding day. Hence, I get weirded out by women who only have it as their photo.

At this juncture, I’m going to keep it as The Silence until I find something equal or superior. But it’s going to be hard. If anyone has any ideas of how to be cool but look like me but also be hilarious, I am all ears.

*It also MAY have to do with the fact that Parker rarely smiles. Although, he always grins on our anniversary when we eat steak and make the waiter take our picture. Sometimes I suspect that my husband is secretly part Ron Swanson. I hope I am none of the Tammies!