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Last night when I was doubled over in bed, uncomfortable and exhausted and annoyed but unable to sleep, I thought about tv. It helped.

My favorite show to watch when I’m sick (currently) is Game of Thrones. I own first season, so I watch it, and as long as I plan the episodes right and am tired enough, I can sleep through some of them. Then I wake up, and watch a few more. I also drink tea and 7-up.

Don’t watch Ferris Bueller’s Day off. I know, it seems like a good idea, but it’s not. They’re doing fun things. You’re laying in bed wishing you weren’t sick. See the logic?

Why Game of Thrones is a good choice–contains spoilers (good choice unless you’re watching it for the first time and you’ve never read the books, then it’s confusing)

Things may suck, but you could be in this fantasy universe where a lot of people die. You just think you’re dying.

It’s funny but not hilarious which is good, because you may have lost your sense of humor to your illness. Especially if you’re me.

The first season is by far the best (kind of like the books), so even if you watch it so often when you’re sick that you develop some sort of association, you probably can still sit through the later seasons and things might even out (I can only speak for second season).

Sean Bean’s smile is comforting.

Daenarys is going to kick some ass like you are going to kick this cold/flu/sinus infection/insert illness here! Hopefully, you won’t kill it the way certain people around her die. Please don’t set anything in your room on fire. That’s so NOT what I’m trying to suggest.

At least you don’t have kids, unless you do, and then at least you don’t have kids with swords that are going to take over a whole kingdom et al, while being bratty as hell (especially worse if these kids aren’t even yours but you live with them and think they’re yours!)

You could be a whore or the indentured child of a failed rebellion, but you’re not. No matter what your family and closest enemies tell you. (Hopefully, you’re not in that stage of nightmarish sickness!)

Feel free to fall asleep, because those wolves have your back. Unless you’re mean, and if so, you’re probably related to Cersei, so still relatively safe.

If you need to keep going to the bath room you can be pretty psyched that you’re not shedding liquids into a tin.

If you’re like me, you’re apathetic and at least a little cranky/whiny when you’re sick. Witnessing children be whiny makes you feel better about your own whinyness.

Watching sword fights is better while sick. You have even less going on so you’re more impressed!

Robert has to feel as bad if not worse than you do. He’s stuck with responsibility, an awful wife, kids that aren’t his, in-laws that permanently live there, and he’s probably hungover all the time. You’re just some form of sick!

You probably know who to trust. At least moreso than anyone in this show, save for a couple of exceptions.

You’re not permanently stuck hearing Lannister-isms about finances.

That little dwarf, Tyrion, is rooting for your well-being. After all, he has a soft spot for “cripples, bastards, and broken things.” You’re broken, and some form of the other two, I’m sure.

If you’re dillusional, then you’ll probably get the theme show stuck in your head. This can be interesting if you’re half sleeping and aren’t sure if the show’s still on or not.

You’re totally watching the best season!

Guess who’s probably not stuck in an arranged marriage with a psychopath? You! (Probably, because who knows WHAT you’re capable of right now with your fever, etc.)

Sean Bean is basically giving you all his wisdom, comfort, and healing. Instead, he’s going to take all the bad shit. He’s Sean fucking Bean. He’s doing this for YOU!

You’re not a boy, you’re a…wait, that might not work.

You’re probably not drinking poison. Probably. Unless that’s why you’re sick, and if that’s the case, please stop drinking poison.