Today is Good Friday for another half an hour. I woke up feeling guilty. While it’s natural to feel this way about today, sometimes I just feel that way in general. It took some typical Good Friday traditions along with the rest of the day to make me realize something. I want to make an impact on society (in a good way!)

I couldn’t find a post office box the other day. Past posts have made mention of the fact that my family/friends/some of my in-laws and I don’t live in the same state. In order to counteract the distance between us, I try to write them now and then. Just to let them know I’m still alive (since I don’t talk on the phone a lot and many of them don’t use Facebook), here, and thinking of them. One of my friends was laid off, and one of them lost a grandparent. My notes may look like hostage letters, but at least I’m writing. I may post some here at some point. I’m a huge hoarder of cards, and for Parker’s sake as well as my own, I’m trying to work on that.

I asked around for a post office box as mine has been taken out of the nearest parking lot and the lot in fenced in for construction. One woman shrugged and said, “I don’t even use the mail.”

Not to sound ancient, but how can you not use the post office?? This happened days ago, and I’m still trying to figure it out. Do you never write/always use email/call/text/do online bill pay? DOES NOT COMPUTE! I LOVE getting mail, and I like the feeling I get after I send mail out. I felt like I have to write MORE since now the post office is stopping its Saturday service, and that just increased. Damnit, it’ll stay open! I don’t want handwritten letters to die out or only be available online/scanned.

Another action that has to do with getting the post office business is phase two: letter writing campaigns. I may do some donating this year, but honestly, that will completely depend on the money I have coming in and on new developments being shuffled around on my financial end. I would love to be a charitable powerhouse, but sadly, I also need to eat. And blog.

There’s so much going on in the world lately that has been upsetting to me that I feel I need to do my part as a human being of planet earth. That, and I’ve been watching a lot of Doctor Who, and his speeches are starting to really get to me.

The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant): But that’s it! That’s exactly the point! Oh, Lumic, you’re a clever man. I’d call you a genius, except I’m in the room. But everything you’ve invented you did to fight your sickness. And that’s brilliant. That is so human. But once you get rid of sickness and mortality, then what’s there to strive for? Eh? The Cybermen won’t advance. You’ll just stop. You’ll stay like this forever. A metal Earth with metal men and metal thoughts. Lacking the one thing that makes this planet so alive. People. Ordinary, stupid, brilliant people.