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I’ve been frustrated and having a hard time coming up with posts the last few weeks. When I do post, I don’t feel like it has the drive of my first few original posts. One reason is that I have limited computer time due to sharing, which makes my posts hurried. Another is that we’ve had company in town.

The last reason is that lately, I’ve wanted to post about a number of topics. Topics that I feel for with passion. Things that make me angry. I can’t bring myself to post them even after I write and re-write them. Today, it finally hit me.

I can’t make those things funny.

I used to think I only got angry about little issues, but I don’t. I get super pissed about downright hard problems that the world faces. I have enormous respect for people who can take a serious subject and speak both seriously and hilariously about it. Often simultaneously. I do think it’s an art. I could try, but as of now, that’s not part of my repertoire.

It’s also a quick way to get readers on your side or against you. I’ve read a lot of blogs as of the last two weeks where I will read one article/entry and discard it. While I don’t expect to be funny every entry, I would like to have return viewership; while that would be a way to get a lot of attention, I want an audience who comes to my blog to seek solace from the world. I want my audience to laugh and relax and have a good time. I could write wildly different topics from time to time as the mood strikes. However, I would want to read a blog that feels more consistent.

Maybe someday I’ll graduate to a hilarious level of reporting things I feel strongly about. When that happens, I’ll probably have to make a whole new subset to this blog or write a book or something. Until then, you’re stuck with light subject matter.

Just be glad that you aren’t up-in-arms rabid about me posting about something you definitely have an opinion on.