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I felt guilty for not writing the past few days. Confession: I spent Friday night (after an amaaaazing steak!) staying up ridiculously late, watching my favorite film from my childhood, and maaaybe I did some shots of whiskey. Back to the Future and I were reunited. Check out my review. It’s pretty bad ass, if you ask me.

The true story is that I am a geek with a nerdy dad who loves sci-fi. And a husband that loves sci-fi. Even a few friends who are die-hard sci-fi lovers (some trekkies, some math/bio majors). My first introduction was this 1985 classic with Michael J. Fox. I kind of fell in love with him. Even if he’s a vegetarian (source: IMDB.com). Sorry, herbivores. Sorry Tracy Pollan (it’s okay, I’m sure she’s used to it).

There was a quote-a-long, and by that, I mean I yelled out in sync (sort of, I’m out of practice) with a movie I’ve probably seen a hundred times while my husband played video games and wondered if I’d ever stop screaming lines and go to bed. I’m here, so turns out I did. How do you know? Well, I’m awake, and I’m not crying or trying to fight anyone. That’s what happens when I don’t sleep. I’m lucid, so I clearly slept.

Tonight, I watched Biff get covered in manure and wondered how anyone can master a skateboard so perfectly that they can run through a car and time it to end up on the other side. Movie magic. I kept telling my nephew when he asked any question last night that the answer was, “Magic.”

“Why are you obsessed with magic?” the 6 year old asked me after the fourth or fifth time I answered like this. I have a bad habit of being sarcastic beyond belief to children. My future unborn kids are so screwed.

“Who ISN’T obsessed with magic?” my husband asked. Just another reason why I love him…the fact that he’s willing to back up my bizarre sense of humor and include his own. We have a nice little wit-match we play. Then the waiter mistook my husband and I for the parents of my nephew. My sister-in-law was running late, so my mom-in-law ordered for him. The waiter kept looking over, like, “Are these people authorized to order for your son?”

At first I thought, “Stop looking at me, weirdo.” Then I laughed and told Husband. He laughed too. “We are the worst parents ever!” I declared, and there could have been some high-fiving. My nephew told me his mom better hurry up, and he looked cranky with his super blonde, puffy hair. “She’s gonna miss all the dumb fun.”

Husband told me that there was no way our nephew could be our son, because he looks nothing like us. For all the waiter knew, we’d just adopted this child and decided to take him out to the fanciest sea food restaurant in town. We were so scared to be new parents that we let the older generation order. To be fair, I knew the kid would pick mac and cheese. Every time. He’s not ours, which is cool, because neither of us are ready to parent. Someday

Then we came home, and I was pretty psyched I could stay up late, do shots, and watch Back to the Future with minimal interruptions except the aggravating notion that I had to go to work today. All I thought was, “I can’t wait to get home and read and watch Back to the Future.” All of my days go something like this, but Back to the Future is always special.

I received the special edition dvd trilogy when it came out for Christmas 2002. I stayed up until 3am watching all the special features. Yes, I did cry. How can you NOT cry when you know that Michael J. Fox gets Parkinson’s eventually? Even if that didn’t happen, I still would’ve cried on account of how epic the film is.

Okay, need to go to sleep.