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Lately, every time I’m not anywhere near a computer to blog, an idea pops into my head. This is particularly annoying at night, but it totally happened on the way to work this morning! It’s getting to the point where I feel like I need to go all Lloyd Dobler and get a tape recorder. However, I can just see myself getting into a sticky situation where I’m pulled over, talking to a cop. I suppose that would be a good way to remember our conversation, but I suspect I’d end up with a ticket in addition to a funny story. Did anyone else think that Lloyd with his friends was the only interesting part of the film?

The latest craze…among drunk adults that I know personally
I am a big believer in all kinds of awesome psychology and personality tests, not to mention a bunch of other stuff that’s less credible that you may/may not believe. This past week, personality quizzes have become a sensation with my friends. They all took the Myers-Briggs Personality Quiz. It’s a four point personality quiz that tells you whether you are the following:

Introverted vs. Extroverted
INtuitive vs. Sensing (they already had an i)
Thinking vs. Feeling
Perceiving vs. Judging

I first took it in high school, I’ve taken it about seven times total(ish), and four of them have been within the last year (the cyclical year, not 2013). I’ve noticed that when normal people take the quiz, then retake it, they may change by one letter. Maybe. About three of my friends have proven this. I don’t know their various ways of taking the quiz, but I know they don’t always take it the same way.

Here’s what I’ve gotten with names I’ve assigned initially based on WHEN I took it and what I think of when I hear it.

High School Result (obtained once in high school and once in the last month, Total: 2)
Looks like Zac Efron in his earlier years or in any movie where he plays a high school student.

College Result (obtained once in college and once directly after, Total: 2)
Looks like a dog wearing glasses (Professor Woofstein) and reading a book or the Scientist Meme cat whose name I don’t know (Dr. Meowsenberg?). I’m just going to call them that.

Post-College Result (obtained for the first time in four years and again on my last result, Total: 2)
Looks like a sad housewife, mascara running down her face, and a glass of wine.

What The Hell is This? Result (obtained in between Post-College and the 2nd High School Result, Total: 1)
Me yelling at the book that it doesn’t know its shit. Weirdly enough, what it looks like and exactly what happened.

When I took it the last time online, I got Post-college result (see above for description), but here’s what it said.

[POST-COLLEGE RESULT, i.e. 4 letters]
Weak response for ___ letter (E vs. I)
Weak response for ___ letter (N vs. S)
Weak response for ___ letter (T vs. F)

What that means is I am right on the edge of all these damn letters. I have a flimsy personality. Of all the times I have taken it, the one that sounds most like me is The High School Result, something I think of as best describing my happy/social self. The Post-College Result (personality wise and NOT MY DESCRIPTION) is more what I’m like at work. Also, we don’t really have friends down here. The reason it looks like a sad housewife with wine is because it’s the result I got after we moved down here. Not because I’m a housewife or because I took it when I had wine. Although, now I want wine. Thanks a lot, MBTI!

One outcome is ALWAYS correct. What ALL the tests have revealed is that I always pick judging, which makes me sound like a terrible person (even though they tell you in the book that it’s most common to come down hard on Perceiving or Judging). I hate that word. In a nutshell, it means that I like to plan things and like them organized.

Which probably explains why this drives me nuts.

My mom refused to take it last year, because she thought that the personality quiz would yell at her and paint her in a bad light. I told her that it’s fun, and it is if you don’t get a different answer every time you take it. In the end, I took it as she would, since I know her really well and ended up getting closer to her personality than she probably would.

I’m going with the description that sounds most like me. If you haven’t taken it, you totally should. You’re not me, so you’ll have better results. Once you and your friends take it, you can all laugh at your celebrity romantic soulmatesThe example I use is the “Best Romantic Match” for me when I was an INTJ in college. You can see why I’d enjoy the company of these folks.