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I don’t know when it happened, but I became the entertainment for my pets.

I have a cat and a dog, and while I’m deficient in my abilities to do the housework, I do feed, water, take them outside, and walk the dog from time to time.

Now they all congregate next to me on the couch or the floor and stare. Like I’m some magical entity that can do cool things. I think it has to do with my use of language and my opposable thumbs. It’s always nice to have a fan club.

The dog will dance with me, and when I get excited, SHE gets excited! I love having her, because it’s like having a constant cheerleader in my life, without all the built-in stereotypes. ‘Cuz she’s a dog. She’s just AWESOME. I’m happy by her mere existence. Of course, I enjoy them too, except when the cat plays mind games and talks just to annoy me. But I’m trying to be considerate.

I’m guilty of loving pop songs that hipsters and music critics swear off. I love the song “Call Me Maybe.” Whatever, you like a shitty song or two also! Anyway, it came on the radio when my husband was listening to his favorite afternoon show. According to him, she totally freaked out and started dancing.

We have the SAME jam.